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Barhaugh v. Montana: Intervenors – Exhibit A

Exhibits A and A1 are identical. Here is the full list of Intervenors including those in the Motion and any who signed up after this document was prepared. There are 118 Intervenors including 13 minor children. For original Exhibit A, see pdf.

Listed in Document

  1. Climate Physics Institute, a Montana non-profit association
  2. Western Montana Fish and Game Association, Inc., a Montana non-profit association
  3. Representative Krayton Kerns
  4. Representative Tom Burnett
  5. Representative Mike Cuff
  6. Representative Champ Edmunds
  7. Representative Alan Hale
  8. Representative James Knox
  9. Representative Mike Miller
  10. Representative Jerry O’Neil
  11. Representative Lee Randall
  12. Representative Keith Regier
  13. Representative Joe Read
  14. Representative Matt Rosendale
  15. Representative Dan Salomon
  16. Representative Dan Skattum
  17. Representative Cary Smith
  18. Senator Jason Priest
  19. Senator Joe Balyeat
  20. Senator Greg Hinkle
  21. Senator Verdell Jackson
  22. Senator Bruce Tutvedt
  23. Senator Chas Vincent
  24. Senator Ed Walker

Exhibit A and A1

Montana Elected Officials

  1. Dorothy Ashcraft, Precinct Committeewoman District 16, Polson
  2. Keith Baker, Precinct 8 Committeeman, Polson
  3. Leni Baker, Precinct 8 Committeewoman, Polson
  4. Rhoda Cargill, Chairwoman, Lincoln County Natural Resource Council, and Precinct 8 Committeewoman, Polson
  5. Tracy Plaiss, Precinct 18 Committeewoman, Polson
  6. Jan Rogers, Precinct 3 Chairwoman, Polson
  7. Patrick Plaiss, Precinct 18 Committeeman, Polson
  8. H. S. Woffenden, Precinct Committeeman, District 4, Polson

Montana Citizens

  1. Mark Agather
  2. James Aichlmayr
  3. Tom Baird
  4. Nancy Ballance
  5. Edwin X Berry, Ph.D.
  6. Valerie Berry
  7. Lark Chadwick
  8. Bill Chandler
  9. Greg Ellingson
  10. Robert T. Fanning Jr.
  11. Bob Faw
  12. Judy Faw
  13. Richard “Grif” Griffin
  14. Fred Hammel
  15. Michael A. Hebert
  16. Dennis W. Hicks
  17. Roland Horst, individually and on behalf of minor child, A.M.
  18. Sabrina Hunsaker
  19. Dirk Ibsen
  20. Mary Ann Lavelle
  21. Judith Matott
  22. E McCain
  23. Kevin McCauley, individually and on behalf of minor child, G.M.
  24. Patrick G. McDonald
  25. Judy R. McDonald
  26. Marilyn McIntyre
  27. Regis McIntyre
  28. Rex Nichols
  29. Eric H. Olsen and Diane Olsen, individually and on behalf of minor child A.O.
  30. Frank Patrick
  31. CrowleyPatrick
  32. Tim Ravndal
  33. Gloria Roark
  34. Douglas Roark
  35. Chris Rosenau
  36. George Torp
  37. Lovella Torp
  38. Brad Tschida and Leslee Tschida, individually and on behalf of 4 minor children C.T, K.T., N.T., and M.T.
  39. Randy Turner
  40. Marsha Turner
  41. Alan Wright
  42. Tracy Plaiss, on behalf of 2 minor children, E.P. and C. P.
  43. Glenn Kimball
  44. Paulette Kimball
  45. Ava Walters
  46. Glenn J. Wehe and Loretta C. Wehe, individually and on behalf of 2 minor children K.E.W and B.J.W
  47. William Weidemoyer
  48. Sandy Welch
  49. Richard Wells
  50. June Woffenden
  51. Mae Woo
Montana Non-Profit Associations
  1. Montana Alliance for Constitutionalism, MAC-PAC.US
  2. Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc.
  3. Lewis & Clark’s Conservative Tea Party Inc.
  4. Order of Constitutional Defenders, Montana Chapter
  5. Montana Tenth Amendment Center
  6. Montanans For Multiple Use

Late Arrivals

  1. Representative Scott Reichner
  2. Max Agather
  3. Ellen Blasingame
  4. Suzy Foss, Ravalli County Commissioner, Hamilton MT
  5. Lee E Foss, Ravalli County Republican Central Committee Precinct Person
  6. Gene Edward Garrison, Emeritus Member of the Georgia Bar
  7. Patricia Gauci
  8. Fred Hodgeboom
  9. James L. Hyatt and Jodee L. Moody, individually and on behalf or their minor child B.J.M.
  10. Frank C. Kucera
  11. Jackie R. Kucera
  12. Pete MacLachlan
  13. Paul Wadsworth and Twila Wadsworth, individually and on behalf of their minor child J.W.
  14. Blake Wadsworth
  15. Lee Wilson
  16. Kay Wilson

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