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15 Donors have given $2090 to stop the Climate Change fraud in Montana

by Ed Berry, PhD, President, Climate Physics LLC 

As I reported on December 20, Climate Physics, with the help of about 120 dedicated Montanans, defeated the Our Children’s Trust Petition for Original Jurisdiction on climate change in the Montana Supreme Court on June 15, 2011.

Since no other group in Montana was willing to stand up to this petition, Climate Physics LLC happily took the lead. Since we had only one week for our attorney to file our Motion to Intervene, there was no time to ask for money. Therefore, I personally paid the discounted legal fees of about $7000, and of course I did not bill for my own time.

Now, I am offering to those who appreciate the work of Climate Physics the opportunity to help pay for our petition costs and for our future effort to defeat the climate change fraud in Montana, including changing school instruction, removing university climate change brainwashing, and defeating ICLEI in our cities.

Out of many thousands of email requests for donations, only 14 people responded. Perhaps you will be next. I sincerely thank the following 14 donors for their combined contribution of $1990 to help pay for our climate change win in the Montana Supreme Court:

  1. James Hyatt
  2. Steven Scheye
  3. Chauvin Emmons
  4. William Dallin II
  5. Frederick Hammel
  6. John Mauzey
  7. Joe Beardsley
  8. Mae Woo
  9. Mark & Pam Agather
  10. Max & Linda Agather
  11. George & Lovella Torp
  12. Keith & Jolene Regier
  13. Chris Rosenau
  14. Anonymous

Let’s look at what this win saved the people of Montana.

The Climate Change Fraud was used as an excuse to stop the construction of 5 modern coal-electric power plants in Montana and to replace them with unreliable, expensive, bird-killing wind turbines. Never mind that the wind turbines will not generate in their lifetimes enough energy to pay for their construction, or that they do not really reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Concern yourself only with the resulting increase in your electricity cost, and with the associated increase in cost of everything, including groceries, that depends upon electricity.

The federal government has many programs that are based upon the climate change fraud. With this supreme court win, we now have a basis to stop those government programs. They include almost all of the EPA programs, USFS and USFG programs, all federal land control programs, federal restrictions on our carbon dioxide emissions, fuel tax, and the Department of Homeland Security including their HR 1505.

These estimates are rough but close enough for government work. If you are the average Montanan, the climate change fraud is already costing you about $20 per month and if you don’t stop the climate change fanatics, they will soon cost you about $50 per month. The climate change fraud is costing Montana at least $5 million per month and it is a significant drain on our economy.

Here’s the bad news: The promoters of the climate change fraud live off of your tax dollars. Those who fight the fraud to save you money, rely upon your donations.

Can we stop the fraud?

Easy. They have no case.

As you read my story, I hope you will press the Donate button and help reimburse Climate Physics for the legal fees and costs of its Motion to Intervene and to give Climate Physics the monetary base to defeat future scientifically-unfounded actions.

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