We are Holding our Freedom in our Hands

by Dr. Ed Berry

Obama, Gore, the EPA, and eco-activists say America must reduce carbon emissions in order to save the planet from overheating. I have news for them.

First, our carbon emissions are not the cause of climate change or global warming.

Second, reducing our carbon emissions will do nothing to save the planet but will destroy America.

Third, it’s already getting colder, not warmer.

The eco-activist scientists tell us the last decade was the warmest in the last century. They lie. Their lies have been exposed in their emails and computer code. They “adjusted” the real data to show temperatures that fit their agenda. They call it, “hide the decline.” Then they shredded the real data so outside scientists cannot check it.

They tell us they don’t know why the temperatures declined since 2001 when their computer models predicted it would get warmer. They say it was “supposed” to get warmer because their computer models said it would.

Our answer is simple: their models are wrong. Their hypotheses are wrong. Their global warming and climate change claims are wrong.

The eco-activist scientists predict it will get warm again in a few years. Let’s get realistic. Since they have been wrong since 2001, on what basis should anyone believe their new predictions? They have lost their credibility.

There are good scientific reasons to believe we are now in a cooling period that may last until about 2030. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation turned negative in about 2001 and it has a cycle length of about 30 years. The long lack of sun spots is a predictor of much cooler temperatures. We are getting cooler temperatures.

Here is what the eco-activist scientists tell us:

  1. They tell us it’s getting warmer, but it’s getting colder.
  2. They tell us warm is bad and cool is good, but the truth is just the opposite.
  3. They tell us our carbon dioxide makes it warmer, but they still blame colder on our carbon dioxide.
  4. They say we must reduce our energy use but using less energy will reduce our standard of living.
  5. They admit they don’t know what the climate is doing, but they want us to believe they can save us if we pay more taxes and give up our freedom.

The EPA ignored the report by Dr. Alan Carlin and called carbon dioxide “pollution.” Now they are going to regulate our carbon dioxide emissions.

Unless we stop them, the EPA will stop us from producing cheap energy and will force us to pay much higher energy costs and have energy rationing.

Cutting back on our energy production is not much different than if an enemy force invaded America and made us all slaves.

If we don’t stop the EPA and government regulators, the EPA will choke off our ability to recover American energy production, businesses, jobs and our economy.

Obama wants to reduce American energy production. Most of our Senators agree with him. They are traitors and they are our enemy. Bringing destruction to America violates their oath of office to uphold our Constitution.

We have been pushed to the edge of a cliff. We are holding our freedom in our hands.

To save our freedom, we must defeat the climate change fraud. We must remove the laws and regulations that are binding America and free our natural resources. We must use our natural resources to once again make America the wonder of the world.

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