Poll of Meteorologists shows only Half believe humans are primary cause of global warming

by Dr. Ed Berry, AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist

There is no consensus! This poll destroys the alarmist claim that 97 percent of scientists believe humans are the primary cause of global warming.

A poll conducted for the American Meteorological Society (AMS) of over 1800 responding meteorologists showed only 52 percent believed humans are the primary cause of global warming.

The study also revealed a strong correlation between scientists who believe in human-caused global warming and (a) their perceptions of a scientific consensus and (b) their liberal political ideology.

Thus many global warming believers derive their belief from (a) peer pressure and (b) their personal liberal ideology, rather than on their own critical scientific thinking.

Astronaut Physicist, Walter Cunningham of Apollo VII nailed it when he said:

True believers in human-caused global warming cannot be reasoned out of their position, because it was not reason that got them there in the first place.” 

The study concluded, quoting:

Perceived scientific consensus was the factor most strongly associated with AMS members’ views about global warming. This suggests that scientists’ thinking on scientific topics may be subject to the same kinds of social normative influences that affect the general public. Rather than rationally weighing the evidence and deciding for themselves, as would be expected under more traditional ideas of scientific judgment, scientists may also use the views of a relevant peer group as a social cue for forming their own views.”

Political ideology was the factor next most strongly associated with meteorologists’ views about global warming. This also goes against the idea of scientists’ opinions being entirely based on objective analysis of the evidence, and concurs with previous studies that have shown scientists’ opinions on topics to vary along with their political orientation.”

4 thoughts on “Poll of Meteorologists shows only Half believe humans are primary cause of global warming”

  1. The world's meteorological associations have issued statements that AGW is real, man caused and dangerous;

    For example, the American Meteorological Association:

    "Mitigation will reduce the amount of future climate change and the risk of impacts that are potentially large and dangerous…Prudence dictates extreme care in accounting for our relationship with the only planet known to be capable of sustaining human life.”

  2. Hi Jan, The meteorological organizations in Japan, China, India, and Russia reject the idea that humans are the primary cause of global warming. Only the organizations in America that have been taken over by environmentalist administrators still promote the false hypothesis of global warming.

    As a long-time member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and one of its Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM), I assure you the AMS statement was not developed using input from its members, as this new study now proves.

    The AMS statement you quote is a construction of its administrators who very likely are not even involved in science.

    The bottom line is there is no scientific basis to believe the major statements of the AMS, the UN IPCC, and other organizations that are controlled by administrators rather than by its scientists.

    And when Japan, China, India, and Russia do not fall for the crazy idea that we need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, yet America's leadership does, then these countries have an advantage over America in business, economy, defense, and education.

  3. Demonizing essential elements and compound elements is not science. Demanding consensus is not science. Criminalizing your opponent is not science. Lies, omissions of data, corruption of data, smoothing graphs, homogenizing and adjusting data, is not science. Fear and hysterics is not science. Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is not science.

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