Must Catholics believe the Pope on climate change?

by Dr. Ed Berry

How can we talk about science when we may contradict what some people think they must believe?

Marc Morano, founder of CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, wrote an excellent report for Catholics who are concerned with the Pope’s statements on climate change.

Because some politicians want to use the Pope’s statements to pressure Catholics to believe in man-made climate change, everyone should know exactly how to interpret the Pope’s message.

I encourage you to read Marc Morano’s full report. It is easy to read and comprehensive.

Here are the questions Morano answers followed by only the brief answer. For explanations of the answer, read Morano’s report.

  1. Do Catholics have to believe in man-made global warming in order to be good Catholics? No. Pope Francis has yet to invoke the doctrine of papal infallibility for his environmental encyclical, Laudato si’. Only once in the last 100 years has a pope declared infallibility, in 1950. It is very, very unlikely Pope Francis will declare his climate and economic statements infallible.
  2. Is climate change a part of Catholic teachings now? No.
  3. Does the Pope’s encyclical present accurate climate science? No. For example, the world’s temperature has not been increasing. Storms have not been increasing in size or strength. Thousands of species are not going extinct.
  4. Who is advising Pope Francis? The Vatican advisors are anti-capitalist, pro-population control, promoters of man-made climate fear. The Vatican did not listen to its key climate advisors who oppose the advisors the Pope listened to. For example, Cardinal Pell.
  5. Did the Vatican allow climate debate at the Vatican before the encyclical was issued? No. Opposing scientific views were eliminated from the discussion.
  6. Is the Pope hoping to use the encyclical to bring Catholic teachings to the secular environmental Left? Maybe.
  7. Should Catholics ask God for a successful outcome to the UN climate summit in Paris? No. But the Pope is essentially endorsing a specific UN political climate treaty and implying that God is smiling upon the treaty process.
  8. Is the state of the planet as dire as the encyclical claims? No. The planet is far cleaner than even 100 years ago because of the use of fossil fuels and modern technology.
  9. Doesn’t the encyclical discuss other things besides climate? Yes. Climate is less than 2 percent of the encyclical.
  10. If the encyclical essentially has clauses that allow for debate, why is there such a media uproar? The key newsworthy parts were the Pope’s foray into climate science and promotion of the UN climate treaty.
  11. How does the Pope link economics and climate change together? Perhaps the Pope’s South American poverty perspective makes him suspicious of modern capitalism.
  12. Are Catholic climate skeptics still in good standing with the Church? Yes. The Pope’s opinion on scientific and economic matters is not the same as his authority on issues of faith and morals.
  13. Is there a ‘consensus’ inside the Vatican on global warming? No. There is major climate dissent inside the Vatican.
  14. How did previous popes deal with the issue of global warming? Previous popes allowed debate and dissent.
  15. Does Pope Francis have a degree in chemistry? He may have a chemical technician degree.
  16. The Pope relies on UN science claims to promote climate action. How reputable is the UN IPCC? The UN IPCC is a political organization masquerading as a “science” body. Many UN lead authors have now resigned from the IPCC or had their names removed due to the politicization of science to fit the climate “narrative.”
  17. Why are skeptics in an uproar over the Pope’s climate actions? Climate skeptics have been shut out of the debate by the Vatican, and opponents have exploited and exaggerated the Pope’s support of their side to use his influence.
  18. Why are many Catholic pro-life activists upset at the Vatican’s climate campaign? Many pro-life activists believe the Vatican is aligning itself with a UN climate agenda that is at odds with major aspects of Catholic teachings and doctrine.
  19. Will the Pope’s endorsement of the UN climate agenda harm the world’s poor? Yes. The Vatican is being misled on development and poverty issues as they relate to “climate change.” The Vatican’s well placed and long established concern for the developing world’s poor is being hijacked by a radical UN agenda that seeks to prevent life-saving fossil fuel energy development in the world’s poorest regions. The Pope’s concern that climate-change impacts are going to harm the world’s poor the most was entirely misplaced.
  20. Is the case for man-made global warming getting stronger or weaker? The science behind man-made global warming fears is actually weakening considerably. The 97% “consensus” claims are a fallacystudies by UN lead authors now say such 97% claims are “pulled out of thin air” with no basis in fact. Extreme weather was stable or declining on almost every measure, and global temperatures have been in a standstill for over 18 years. On everything from sea levels to polar bears, the climate narrative is failing. In addition, prominent scientists (many politically left) who used to believe in man-made global warming fears are now reversing themselves and becoming skeptics, including many UN scientists.

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  1. This is informative to Catholics as Laudato Si is being aggressively promoted in Catholic schools. Children should not be exposed to junk science.

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