Daines and Zinke are correct on Climate Change

by Dr. Ed Berry

Jerry Elwood (DIL October 26) attacks Congressman Steve Daines on climate change. Elwood uses “ideological” eleven times and “belief” five times, showing his climate alarmism.

Elwood, an ecologist, is outside his field of expertise in climate physics, as I would be if I claimed expertise in surgery or law.

In previous letters, I provided evidence that Elwood’s climate change claims are false. But Elwood ignores evidence and beats his climate drum like a blindfolded Energizer Bunny.

According to latest climate science surveys, Elwood is in the 0.5 percent of scientists who “believe” human carbon dioxide is of concern to climate.

I participate in the two professional email groups where climate scientists worldwide discuss and debate climate change. Elwood is absent.

The consensus among climate scientists is our carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change. Data absolve carbon dioxide as the culprit in climate change.

The scientific method requires we reject a hypothesis if it makes even one wrong prediction, and Elwood’s climate hypothesis makes multitudes of wrong predictions.

Climate alarmists follow Saul Alinsky’s advice: they lie to achieve their political goals. Montana Professor Steve Running lied about having a Nobel Peace Prize. Running and Elwood lie when they claim human carbon dioxide causes significant climate change.

Elwood claims our Defense Department should be concerned about climate change. National defense and climate do not even operate on the same time scales. Climate change is in decades. Military operations respond in seconds and already operate in weather extremes that far exceed any anticipated climate change.

And, no, 2014 will not be a record hot year. The US Historical Climatology Network percent of stations above 90 degrees shows 2014 will be the coldest year ever. The highest years were in the 1930s and four of the five coldest years occurred after 1990.

Watch the videos on climatephysics.com. Nobel Prize physicists Richard Feynman, explains the scientific method, and Ivar Giaever, tells why Elwood’s climate change is pseudoscience. Physicist Murry Salby, author of the new top-rated textbook, “Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate” explains why our carbon dioxide does not cause climate change.

Ladies and gentlemen, real climate change physics is now textbook stuff. There is no reason to believe alarmists.

Congressman Steve Daines, and other Republican candidates are correct on climate change. Montanans should thank Daines for his scientific wisdom by electing him to the US Senate.

Ryan Zinke also is correct on climate change. He properly focuses on making America energy independent and making all energy generation compete on the same economic playing field. By contrast, Lewis is a global warming eco-freak who will vote with Democrats to turn off the lights in America.

The big difference between Republican and Democrats is Republicans are realistic and Democrats are delusional. If you want to save America, vote Republican.

Ed Berry, of Bigfork, has a PhD in atmospheric physics, is a certified consulting meteorologist and a former National Science Foundation program manager for weather modification.

3 thoughts on “Daines and Zinke are correct on Climate Change”

  1. This is getting to the point of being ridiculous rhetoric. Dr Ed, its apparent you are consumed with these two, and for that matter anyone with a (R) attached to their name. You remind me of the Sinatra, Elvis and Beatles' fans of the 40s, 50s and 60s. I'll say it one last time. If your "crooners" and "rock stars" lose, don't blame the Libertarians. Blame the Republicans who mindlessly march to the party drum and voted for the GOPers.

  2. Dear Ele,

    The data are clear. Montana's so-called conservative Libertarian voters caused the election of Jon Tester to the US Senate, Steve Bullock to governor, and Democrats to all statewide Montana offices except Attorney General. These Democrats are against everything you say you stand for.

    You have written that those "in the know" about the proposed CSKT Water Compact will vote Libertarian. Do you not understand that your Libertarian vote is a vote for the Democrat? Do you not understand that the Democrats are for the Compact and only the Republicans will fight against it?

    If you do understand, how can you possibly be against Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke. They are the only candidates we have for Congress who are on our side of the Water debate?

    Wayne Allyn Root, America's leading Libertarian, and other leading Libertarians tell Libertarians they must vote for Republicans because the Obama Progressive Democrats are an imminent threat to America's survival.

    Meanwhile, you talk about Sinatra, etc., as if we are in some parlor game. Do you not understand the threat we are in? Do you not understand who is our real enemy? Who is filling your head with the nonsense you write?

  3. You previously gave me credit for "speaking my mind". Taking a visual "poll" of the comments, it seems more people did speak their mind. More against your opinion/posts than for them. Some comments you just answered with more of your opinions and some you just ignored.
    For the Last time. If any of the Democrats win, don't blame the Libertarians. Blame the GOPers, the Grand Old Poopers, for voting for the Rs instead of for the Ls for LIBERTY! Over and out

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