Climate Freaks destroy Paris memorial

Some 200 climate freaks in Paris for UN COP21 went beserk, as usual, and damaged the temporary memorial for the 130 victims of the November 13 Islamic State attacks in Paris. They did this to encourage you “address climate change.” – Ed


by Jim Treacher, Daily Caller

As we all know, climate change is the greatest threat to humanity since… whatever the previous greatest threat to humanity was. The hole in the ozone layer, I think. Remember that? Remember all the people who died because of the hole in the ozone layer?

The great thing about end-of-the-world scenarios is that they give you free license to do whatever you want. You don’t have to care about anything or anyone else. “Oh, did your loved ones get murdered by Islamic terrorists? That’s not my problem, man. I’m trying to save the world!”

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