Elon will surely understand

by Ed Berry, PhD, Physics

On January 22, 2021, Elon Musk tweeted about climate change, “Am awarding $100 M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology.”

Elon assumes, as most people do, that the following United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) theories are true:

  1. Human carbon dioxide emissions have caused all the carbon dioxide increase.
  2. This increase causes global warming and dangerous climate change.

The economic implications are significant because if these IPPC theories are wrong then no one should waste money and engineering talent on carbon capture.

These IPPC theories ARE wrong. The “best carbon capture technology” is to not capture carbon dioxide that our plants need to better survive drought and produce more food.

Surely, Elon, a physicist, will figure this out and save himself some pocket change by bringing climate truth to the world.

How good are these IPCC theories?

Very few people have the time, talent, and interest to check these IPCC theories. Most people and world politics assume these IPCC theories are true. So, scientists who prove these IPCC theories wrong may seem to the IPCC believers to be heretical.

These IPCC theories are the basis of all climate alarmism, climate treaties, climate laws, climate energy policies, climate taxes, climate education, and, yes, carbon capture.

Governments derive power from these IPCC theories. So, they will not fund scientific research that contradicts these IPCC theories. Government-funded scientists must support these IPCC theories.

However, some talented scientists have had the resources and freedom to investigate these IPCC theories.

Here’s what they found regarding IPCC’s theory (1) or core theory:

  • Using IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data, human carbon dioxide has caused 33 ppm and nature 100 ppm of the carbon dioxide increase above 280 ppm (Berry, 2021).
  • Carbon-14 data indicate human carbon dioxide may have caused only 10 ppm and nature 123 ppm of the increase (Salby and Harde, 2021).
  • Carbon-13 and carbon-14 data limit the human contribution to 48 ppm and eliminate the possibility that the human contribution is 133 ppm or 100% of the carbon dioxide increase (Skrable and French, 2022).
  • Since nature controls the carbon dioxide level, would nature have added the human-caused 33 ppm if human emissions did not exist (Berry, 2021)?

Regarding IPCC’s theory (2), several scientists have found the carbon dioxide level has little, if any, effect on global temperature and, therefore, on climate change. Data show that temperature changes precede carbon dioxide changes, making temperature the cause and the carbon-dioxide level the effect.

Therefore, these IPCC theories are invalid, and the world’s climate politics is running in the twilight zone way outside accepted physics.

How true science works

The scientific method says it is impossible to prove a theory is true (as the IPCC claims to do), but it takes only one contradiction to prove a theory is false.

Many scientific papers show the contradictions to IPCC’s theories.

Berry (2021) uses IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data to prove IPCC’s core theory (1) is false which checkmates the IPCC. This proof overrides all claims that IPCC’s core theory is true.

There is no scientific basis to support IPCC’s climate theories. Unfortunately, almost no one understands this.

The objections

Those who object to finding IPCC’s theories invalid promote an illogical, unrealistic version of science.

For example, they believe the human 5% inflow causes 32% of the content of the atmosphere, which is impossible.

The only way that can happen is if the human 5% inflow stays in the atmosphere longer than the natural 95%, which they claim happens.

The IPCC says 66% of natural carbon will flow out of the atmosphere in 3.5 years but it takes millions of years for 66% of human carbon to flow out of the atmosphere.

However, these claims are clearly wrong because human and natural molecules are identical and will flow out of the atmosphere in equal times.

Those who believe IPCC’s climate theories and the claims to justify them, are illogical.

What this means to you

Human carbon dioxide does not change the climate. The claim that it does is not only scientifically wrong but is a global fraud.

The climate-alarmist zombies, fully controlled by the climate BORG, want to assimilate you, and make you a slave. They use IPCC’s invalid core theory to steal your freedom, grab carbon-fuel land, stop you from owning a private vehicle, and stop you from eating meat.

Your only way to stop them is to fight them. Your only way to fight them is to use climate truth. Dr. Ed Berry teaches climate truth.


Send this note to Elon. Ask him to join our side. He won’t hurt Tesla if he does.

Follow Dr. Ed.

If you are interested in a little physics, read Dr. Cork Hayden’s ten excellent climate physics essays that destroy IPCC’s alarmist claims.


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