Climate alarmists tell climate lies

by Dr. Ed Berry

It used to be environmentalism was a good thing. Then they made it synonymous with the climate change religion. Now it is no longer a good thing. It’s a very bad thing because it’s a harmful lie.

Oh. I called it a “religion.” Well, Ivar Giaever also called climate change alarmism a religion. Giaever is a Democrat who won the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics. It’s a religion because you “believe” it on faith rather than on physical evidence.

Just to claim climate has changed or glaciers have melted does not make your case. You must show evidence our carbon dioxide emissions and not nature caused the changes you claim.

The only evidence climate alarmists have to support their case is hearsay. Somebody told somebody told somebody … and so ad infinitum. Therefore, they claim, it’s true.

The alarmists’ fallback position is to claim 97 percent of atmospheric scientists say it’s true. Well, that’s another lie. Climate alarmists use lies to support their other lies.

Here is a parallel analogy:

A new study reports 97 percent of all medical doctors agree that aspirin is sufficient to solve all medical problems. Therefore, President Obama announced he will shut down all hospitals and doctor’s offices. We no longer need Medicare or Obamacare. The government will offer free aspirin for your medical problems.

That medical claim, my friend, is as scientifically sound as the alarmist claim that our carbon dioxide emissions are a threat to the planet.

If you are a medical doctor, you would challenge those who promoted the above medical fraud. Now you know why I challenge those who promote the climate fraud.

But if you are a climate alarmist, you are conditioned to believe lies. You reject evidence that contradicts your climate religion. Therefore, it is impossible for you to ever learn the truth.

The scientific method requires us to reject our belief’s that conflict with evidence. We can believe what we wish about the world we cannot measure, but we must always check our beliefs about the physical world against what we can measure.

Yesterday, I quoted these MEIC claims and said they need a reality check:

Coal-fired power plants are the country’s single largest source of the pollution fueling climate change, and the Clean Power Plan is the single biggest step we have ever taken to tackle climate change.

Montanans are already experiencing the effects of climate change through lower snowpack, less water in our rivers and streams, and longer and more intense fire seasons.

The world’s leading scientists agree that failing to act on climate change will ensure worsening extreme weather events, threaten food supplies and increase public health risks.

These MEIC claims are all climate lies.

Here’s your challenge if you are a climate alarmist.

Watch or read the presentations by these very well qualified physicists and show me where their conclusion that human carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change is wrong:

  1. Ivar Giaever, 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics and a Democrat.
  2. Freeman Dyson, retired professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and a Democrat.
  3. Willie Soon, Ronan Connolly, and Michael Connoly’s new peer-reviewed paper, “The Sun not CO2 caused climate change”
  4. Professor Murry Salby, author of the comprehensive new textbook, “Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate.” Also, tell me where his physics is wrong in his conclusions on pages 23-25 and 250-255 that human carbon dioxide emissions are insignificant to climate change.
  5. Richard Feynman, in case you are not up-to-speed in the scientific method, here is a good place to start.

Now go to this webpage:

Here, Dr. David Evans presents a thorough analysis of climate models and shows why they are wrong. Then he presents the reasons the IPCC way over-estimates the amount of warming carbon dioxide can cause. He concludes added carbon dioxide can cause only about one-tenth the amount of warming climate alarmists claim.

Dr. Evans’ conclusion destroys the climate alarmists’ claim that our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous global warming because an insignificant temperature change does not justify the economic cost to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr. Evans presents 19 sequential documents. Begin with his last document “New Science 19b: Synopsis” because it’s a summary of the others and easier to read.

When you finish reading what Dr. Evans wrote, please tell me where he made a mistake in his analysis.


If you are a climate alarmist and you cannot show why these scientists are wrong, then I encourage you to take action.

Admit your climate religion is wrong, because contained above is proof your climate religion is wrong.

Spread the truth that our carbon dioxide does not drive climate. Our sun and the earth’s albedo drive climate change.


  1. Hi,

    I think you need to add a couple more papers. The AGW community is blaming jet stream changes on CO2 based on a theory, and ignoring actual studies tying changes to solar activity, with historical evidence to back it up. You might want to include a couple of those papers on solar activity and the jet stream. The papers also deal with the blocking highs caused by the meridional jet stream flow, which results in the droughts, floods and extreme temperatures we’re seeing, and the 400/500 and thousand year floods and droughts.

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