EPA chooses 132 candidates for its Science Advisory Board

by Dr. Edwin Berry

On September 7, EPA announced the 132 candidates for its new Science Advisory Board. I am one of the candidates in atmospheric sciences.  You can download the EPA announcement and list of candidates with their biosketches here.

EPA invites you to send your comments on any of the candidates to Mr. Thomas Carpenter at carpenter.thomas@epa.gov no later than September 28, 2017.

EPA seeks experts in 24 listed disciplines with expertise in at least one of 18 different fields. My expertise is in complex systems and modeling, and my field is atmospheric science.

A key question is which candidates are on the side of President Trump. In the atmospheric sciences, the following candidates, all my friends, are on the side of President Trump (in alphabetical order): Berry, Carlin, D’Aleo, Fulks, Idso, Legates, and Steward.

Berry and D’Aleo are AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM). Berry and Carlin are Caltech graduates.

Atmospheric science candidates who list their work for the UN IPCC may not be on Trump’s side.

Steve Milloy (a good guy) has listed some good and bad candidates in other fields on his website here.

I support Dr. James E. Enstrom in the public health field.

I encourage you to email Mr. Carpenter your comments and preferences for the EPA Scientific Advisory Board.

2 thoughts on “EPA chooses 132 candidates for its Science Advisory Board”

  1. It is nice to finally have an impartial vetting of climate research. An since congress will not cut the EPA funding consistent with their $6B 'research on climate', I don't expect any significant changes.

  2. gary e mankiewicz

    Congratulations,Dr.Berry I recall you were the first person to call correctly the election of president Trump while he was only one of 13 republicans candiates over a year ago.Your logic was right on the money.Best wishes in your new job still a lot of swamp things in the EPA be careful.

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