Who re-elected Jon Tester US Senator?

by Dr. Edwin Berry

Montana Senator Jon Tester wrote,

“Montanans already understand that climate change is affecting our daily lives. The argument isn’t whether the world is changing, it’s how to respond.”

God save us. We have an idiot, climate fanatic, liberal as our US Senator, masquerading as a climate scientist.

Dear Senator Tester, Where’s your data to prove your statement?

Senator Tester, without data to back up your statement, you may as well have said,

My opinion of climate change is for political reasons only, and to hell with science.

To keep it simple, Senator Tester, please update yourself on the Montana Supreme Court case of Barhough v. Montana, where our Supreme Court ruled that climate change science, at least in Montana, “is not settled.”

Then, Senator, please review the very many Open Letters from 1000’s of good climate scientists on ClimatePhysics.com. After that, Senator, please look at the information compiled by Senator James Inhofe showing the 1000’s of climate scientists who don’t follow for a nanosecond the liberal lies about climate change.

Dear Senator, if you believe you are smarter than climate scientists about climate then please demonstrate your expertise by debating your view on ClimateClash.com. In particular, please show us where the recent scientific paper by Bryce Johnson is in error, since it concludes:

  1. There is no rate at which such man-produced carbon can be inserted into the atmosphere that will result in a harmful temperature rise before the total inventory of carbon in the world’s fossil-fuel reserves has been depleted, at which point CO2 and temperature increases cease.
  2. Man’s efforts at reducing atmospheric carbon are ineffective. The same natural forces that inhibit increases in the atmosphere also inhibit decreases.  The total carbon content of the remainder of the biosphere and its exchange rate with the atmosphere overwhelm whatever man can do to alter the atmospheric level;
  3. The natural temperature feedback from carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere is predominantly negative (acting to diminish further increase). There is no possibility of an unstoppable runaway reaction.
  4. Even if we could burn all the carbon fuel on earth, the stable temperature rise would be less than 0.5 oC,which is irrelevant.

In other words, you are chasing a freaking mental mirage that is not even close to reality.

Senator Tester, it would not matter if you make gross errors on subjects that do not affect the lives of Montana citizens. But your statement is very damaging to Montana. You write,

“I am pushing to develop more sources of renewable energy. I still fill up my tractor with diesel fuel because there are no better options available, but by encouraging the development of wind, water, next-generation biofuels and other renewables, we will create new jobs as we cut the emissions that warm our planet and increase our energy options. That’s why I introduced my Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act to streamline the permitting for renewable energy projects on public lands.”

Have you compared the economics of wind energy versus gas? Have you not heard our university ecologists who admit their push for ethanol was a big bo-bo mistake?

Are you Montana wind turbines kill birds? Are you aware wind energy does not reduce carbon dioxide emissions?

Have you not gotten the memo that says our emissions are an insignificant factor in global warming? Do you even care about truth?

Are you aware Montanans would be much better served by simply putting all energy production alternatives on a level economic playing field and letting the private sector solve our energy needs, rather than regulating and biasing energy with massive government programs like your Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act?

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What percent of the CO2 increase since 1950 is due to human CO2?
  2. How much past and future temperature increase is due to human CO2?
  3. What is the basis for your opinion on climate change?

Consider the following wisdom:

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” – JFK

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