Make our government more efficient: Stop carbon counting

by Dr. Ed Berry

We can significantly improve efficiency in our city, county and state governments by dispensing with all laws and regulations on carbon emissions and carbon counting. These laws are now illegal in the State of Montana.

On May 4, 2011, the environmental organization “Our Children’s Trust” of Oregon and a team of six legal groups in Montana filed the Climate Change Petition.

The Petition claimed a “scientific consensus exists that increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) are affecting the Earth’s climate.”

It sought to override the decisions of our elected legislators and to force the State of Montana to adopt regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions without proper review of scientific facts.

The Climate Physics Institute of Bigfork, Montana, lead and paid for, with help from its donors and attorneys, a Motion to Intervene which included 118 Intervenors, 13 minor children, 15 state representatives, 7 state senators, and 8 elected state officials.

The Motion presented significant scientific evidence, including opinions of over 1,000 climate scientists, refuting the hypothesis of human-caused Climate Change.

On June 15, 2011, in view of the evidence presented by the Motion to Intervene, the Montana Supreme Court ruled there is no consensus and dismissed the case on its factual substance.

The Montana Supreme Court became the first court in America to rule on the Climate Change litigation instigated by “Our Children’s Trust.”

This ruling establishes once and for all, at least as far as Montana law is concerned, that the science of climate change is decidedly not settled.

The ruling forces all who file future GHG-emissions lawsuits to first prove the scientific credibility of their global warming claims by means of legally competent evidence.

It makes all programs, including United Nations ICLEI programs in Montana’s cities and enforcements by the EPA that are based upon climate change, illegal in the State of Montana.

Follow the law and save Montana a lot of money.

Ed Berry, PhD, is the editor of

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