Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger assimilated by BORG

by Dr. Ed Berry

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we can admire your enthusiasm about “stopping” global warming. But, like the football player who picks up a fumble and runs for the wrong goal , you are running the wrong way. There is no global warming boogie man.

You  have spent so much time in Hollywood fantasies, you cannot tell the difference between real science and illusion science. Thousands of real scientists will tell you our carbon dioxide emissions do not affect our climate! And you ignore them!

You attended the Copenhagen conference and you believed it was a scientific conference. You did not attend the International Conference on Climate Change right here in America, where real science showed global warming is an illusion. Your AB32 is not based upon real science.

You say, “It’s a great battle between good and evil — it’s like a movie. You have the villain dressed in dark black, and the good guys in white and green.”

That’s true, Gov, but you have been assimilated by the Borg and now you are working for the dark side.

Your claim the oil companies are “greedy.” Gov, they are trying to save California from you! You are promoting the greatest fraud in history. You are bad for our grandchildren.

You say we “put a man on the moon” so we should stop carbon emissions. Ask the last man on the moon, Gov. He will tell you, you are wrong.

Global warming is for girly men, Gov, and you have been behaving like a girly man.

Wake up. Endorse Prop 23 and endorse your fellow Republican Meg Whitman.

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