GOP position on climate-change science

by Tom Harris, Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition

Keith Crane, the director of environment, energy and economic development at the Rand Corp., is wrong to suggest that the Republican Party’s skeptical position on global warming is “anti-science” [“Debate dodged energy climate-change link”].

Trying to unravel the causes and consequences of climate change is arguably the most complex science ever tackled. Professors Chris Essex (University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph, Canada) write in their book, “Taken by Storm,” that

“[c]limate is one of the most challenging open problems in modern science. Some knowledgeable scientists believe that the climate problem can never be solved.”

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change ( demonstrates that much of what we thought we knew about climate is wrong or highly debatable.

As I showed the 1,500 students I taught for the past three years at Carleton University in Ottawa, the science is becoming more unsettled as the field advances. The Republican position that we do not know the future of climate change is pro-science. Those who pretend otherwise are being “anti-science.”

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