Forest Service Morons use a Climate Change Scorecard

by Ed Berry

Start with a myth that is right up there with witch burning. Start with a climate change fraud that has less justification in terms of known science than cutting out beating hearts did in the 1600’s to make your crops grow. Start with the most expensive public brainwashing experiment in the history of the planet and you have a bunch of humanoids who have been assimilated into the mother Borg and now can think only in the manner in which they are programmed.

The Forest Service creates and implements a climate change score card when they have no idea of how, when, or why the climate is changing. They are no wiser than the buffalo who follow other buffalo over the cliff.

Citizens of Bozeman fall for the United Nations ICLEI scam to “address climate change” masqueraded by well-meaning but ignorant eco freaks joined with Northwestern Energy which has a monetary stake in the scam.

Indian tribes fall for the climate change scam as like mice they follow the climate change Pied Piper of the U of Montana who claims his Nobel Peace prize bestows upon him a greater intelligence and authority to blather nonsense about climate change. A Peace Pipe might give him more wisdom.

And the Indian tribes can accomplish as much climate change with a good rain dance as they will if they follow Pied Piper.

And the eco freaks would do more for our environment if they stopped promoting wind mills and simply wore little green propellers on their caps.

And the Forest Service would do a better job of managing our forests if they junked everything about climate change and carbon footprints and began managing forests like they did 60 years ago.

Just because some buffalo run over the cliff does not make it a smart thing to do.

Chief government climate astrologer, Jim Hansen, made a prediction on the eve of Obama’s Inauguration. He said unless we shut down our coal-electric plants and coal mining that within 4 years the earth’s temperature would go into an irreversible runaway. Well, we are past half way to Hansen’s doomsday.

Honestly, do you feel we are over half-way to an climate doomsday since 2 years ago?

And to prove Obama himself does not believe in Hansen’s climate doomsday, he is making preparations to run again for president.

Our Forest Service does not know any more about climate change that did the Aztecs. How much more of our tax money is going to be spent on this nonsense?



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