Welcome to my new website


Welcome to my new website, edberry.com, which combines all my previous websites. I used the holiday time to do this dramatic change. I still must connect some missing image links, which will take me a few weeks because I will use my time to write articles on the CSKT Water Compact.

Web design is like home design. I follow the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, namely, reveal the structure. The Categories on the right reveal my site’s structure. Here are the key parts:

Bookfall is my selection of conservative books and videos including some excellent free books for you. Bookfall connects you to the best deals on Amazon. Try it.

Climate physics, my core subject, includes the most viewed posts. The key to understanding climate, and almost everything else, is the scientific method. Therefore, I emphasize the scientific method and logic because this teaches us the ability to reason that carries over into all other subjects, including politics.

I preserved the original ClimateClash because its debates are still valuable. I moved more recent Climate Clash articles by Kyoji Kimoto, Bryce Johnson, Richard Petshauer, Chuck Wiese, and Ferenc Miskolczi to Climate Physics.

Energy is a section where I plan to include articles on the very important subject of Entropy. If you don’t understand entropy, you are very limited in understanding everything in life.

Life is a fun section for all to enjoy.

PolyMontana focuses on how to solve political problems. I am not interested in the hour-to-hour doomsday problems that seem to occupy some because I believe we can solve our problems if we focus on solutions rather than problems. For examples, see my articles in the Principles category.

The hot topic in Montana for the next few months will be the CSKT Water Compact. This is Montana’s final Indian water agreement. Representatives from the State of Montana, the US Government, and the Indian tribes have negotiated the proposed compact for years, but some people want to blow the proposed Compact out of the water.

Now, our Legislature must decide whether to approve the Compact. My articles in support of the Compact are in the Water category.

I simplified my email list by combining the climate physics group with the political group. If you are a hardcore, no politics climate guy, you may not be interested in my future emails. There are good websites that discuss hardcore climate physics in detail. I follow those discussions but my website focus is to bring climate and political truth to people who vote on public policy.

If you want to join the adventure of how we can solve our political problems by using the scientific method and if you are not already on my email list, consider signing up on edberry.com to get my emails directly. 2015 will be a lot of fun. I will add some new sections to edberry.com, including a section on health.

Remember, visit Bookfall to find your best selections and deals on conservative books and videos.