CO2 Perspective

Water Vapor Is Earth’s Predominant Greenhouse Gas. The 10,000 symbols represent the proportion of all greenhouse gases in Earth’s  atmosphere.

Data Source:

Water Vapor…9500 Green Droplets 95%*

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): 3.6%*

  • Naturally Occurring CO2…348 Gray Dots 3.48%*
  • Man Made CO2………………..12 Black Dots 0.12%*

Nitrous Oxide, Methane, Misc…   140 Yellow Dots 1.4%*

*Percentage Of Earth’s Total Greenhouse Envelope

Naturally occurring water vapor is earth’s predominant greenhouse gas, beneficially retaining the sun’s radiant heat so that plant, animal, and human life can flourish.

  • Without water vapor, our earth would freeze over, making planet earth uninhabitable.
  • Carbon dioxide plays a small role in retaining the sun’s heat. 96.6% of atmospheric co2 is produced by nature as represented by the 348 gray dots.
  • Man’s addition to the total amount of co2 is negligible, as represented by the 12 black dots.
  • The goal of global warming alarmists is to reduce co2 emissions so that over decades of time, these 12 dots might be decreased to perhaps 8 or 9 dots.
  • Reducing man-made co2 will have no measurable effect on earth’s temperature readings.