John Swallow versus Eric Grimsrud on Climate

by John D Swallow

I see that Eric has offered up his power point presentation that he probably impressed the  crowd with at the AAUW in Grand Rapids.

Power Point Slides for AAUW, Grand Rapids, 2016 » slide16



“Mission: AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.

Vision: AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader in equity and education through research, philanthropy, and measurable change in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls.”

This applies to your dire warnings regarding melting glaciers that I well imagine you were trying to frighten these girls with.  Keep in mind that Geo. Vancouver’s ships were wind powered; therefore, he wasn’t spewing out any diesel smoke to start this massive retreat of these glaciers.

“The explorer Captain George Vancouver found Icy Strait, at the south end of Glacier Bay, choked with ice in 1794. Glacier Bay itself was almost entirely iced over. In 1879 naturalist John Muir found that the ice had retreated almost all the way up the bay. By 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier was at the head of Tarr Inlet about 65 miles from Glacier Bay’s mouth. This is the fastest documented glacier retreat ever. Scientists are hoping to learn how glacial activity relates to climate changes and global warming from these retreating giants.

Glacier Bay was first surveyed in detail in 1794 by a team from the H.M.S. Discovery, captained by George Vancouver. At the time the survey produced showed a mere indentation in the shoreline. That massive glacier was more than 4,000 feet thick in places, up to 20 miles wide, and extended more than 100 miles to the St. Elias mountain range.

By 1879, however, naturalist John Muir discovered that the ice had retreated more than 30 miles forming an actual bay. By 1916, the Grand Pacific Glacier – the main glacier credited with carving the bay – had melted back 60 miles to the head of what is now Tarr Inlet.

Below are some FACTS that run counter to what you are maintaining and they make one to wonder at how you can call yourself a scientist.

“The ocean is not rising significantly.

”Reconstruction of regional mean sea level anomalies from tide gauges using neural networks The global mean sea level for the period January 1900 to December 2006 is estimated to rise at a rate of 1.56 ± 0.25 mm/yr which is reasonably consistent with earlier estimates, but we do not find significant acceleration. ”


I wonder if you mentioned to the girls that the sea has been raising since the Little Ice Age ended in about 1850, the earth warmed and naturally glaciers began to melt.


This graph that has Mike Mann’s input sure looks different than the one that was presented after this 1999 graph when Mann put together his proven fraudulent “hockey stick” graph.


2 thoughts on “John Swallow versus Eric Grimsrud on Climate”

  1. Your "Post-Glacial Sea Level Rise" graph shows about 1 meter of sea level rise in the 5000 years before the industrial era.

    An average of 0.2 mm/yr.

    Currently: SLR = 3.4 mm/yr over the satellite era (Aviso).

    17 times greater!

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