Climate Clash Definitions

Here the Definitions agreed to by Dr. Ed and Dr. Eric:
  1. GHG means “greenhouse gases” including water vapor, CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and the halocarbons
  2. AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is global warming caused by human emissions of CO2 and other GHGs .
  3. CAGW means “Catastrophic AGW”
  4. Climate Clash (as now defined) will focus on the AGW related to human emissions of CO2 resulting from burning fossil fuels.
  5. GC is geologic carbon, which includes fossil fuels and limestone.
  6. BC is biologic carbon, which includes atmospheric CO2, dissolved CO2, and life forms.
  7. Geologic time scale is millions of years.
  8. Western Civilization time scale is about two thousand years.
  9. Fossil fuel time limit is 300 years.
  10. CO2 without further definition means the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
  11. CO2 concentration will be given in ppmv.
  12. Base CO2 is 285 ppmv.
  13. Today’s CO2 is 392 ppmv.
  14. 1850 is approximately the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the year humans began emitting CO2 on a huge scale by the combusion of fossil fuels.
  15. 1950 is the year humans began burning significantly more fossil fuels than in the past and therefore began emitting more CO2 from fossil fuels than before. How much human CO2 emissions increased in 1950 may be debated in Climate Clash.
  16. Temperature means “globally-averaged lower tropospheric temperature.”
  17. Temperature will be given in degrees Celsius, e.g., 5 C.
  18. If necessary, temperature may be given in Kelvin, e.g., 273 K.
  19. The use of “we” or “our” in the context of fossil fuel CO2 emissions will refer to all humans.
  20. IPCC is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  21. NIPCC is the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change.
  22. Climate Sensitivity (CS) is the amount temperature will rise if CO2 is doubled from any starting value.

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