MEIC is occupied by Left-Wing Lunatics

by Dr. Ed Berry The Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) began in with the 1972 Montana revised Constitution. Sometimes I think Montana’s 1972 revised constitution was an underground liberal takeover of Montana. “The Montana Environmental Information Center is a nonprofit public benefit corporation incorporated in 1974 under the laws of the State of Montana. MEIC …

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Democrats have flood America with welfare leeches

by Michael Savage, There is major news that the media is burying, taking about trivia, while the world is on fire. The president was just thrown under the bus by his own CIA director, General Petraeus. Petraeus insists that nobody in the CIA said “stand down” while the U.S. Embassy was being attacked, even though …

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Republicans are party of God and free markets

by Michael Savage, Like millions of Americans, I watched as the Democrats actually put God to a vote. If you actually analyze what you’re listening to, you’re watching a battle for the soul of America.  There’s no question that the Republicans represent the party of God and the party of the free market. The …

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Liberals are shutting down America

by Harrison H. Schmitt Budget and National Debt If not now, when? If not the House, who? These two questions lie at the core of the budget challenge faced by conservatives in Congress. The liberal/moderate spending agenda in healthcare, bailouts, unemployment, and so-called “stimuli” is unsustainable as well as largely unconstitutional.

Liberalism Destroys Individual Rights

by Dr. Ed  Berry As Liberalism becomes more powerful, it becomes less tolerant. Liberalism’s goal is to destroy Individual Rights. Individual Rights are the First Line of Defense against a Totalitarian Government. “Sacrifice for the Common Good” says Barack Obama “Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all” says Soviet …

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