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Big Green helps Big Wind hide bird and bat butchery

If you are an Obama Greenie, its OK to kill protected birds. Liberal logic! – Ed by Ron Arnold It uses tons of fossil fuels every day, emits a greenhouse gas that’s like CO2 on steroids, can’t do the job it’s made for, costs taxpayers exorbitant fees, and makes the federal government look mentally ill …

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European Parliament, BP, big players give up on Renewable Energy

by Marita Noon Maybe you haven’t heard the good news. If you haven’t read my Margaret Thatcher piece—where I chronicle some of the history of the global warming/climate change agenda, please stop and read it now. In short, I posit that Europe has embraced the ruse and pushed it on other western economies (read the …

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BP selling its US wind energy assets – A waste of money

by Marita Noon British Petroleum is still one of the world’s biggest oil companies. But as early as the late 1990s they didn’t want you think of them that way. CEO, Lord John Browne of Madingley, argued: “the transition to alternatives could be accelerated by changing industry practices today.” While other oil companies eschewed climate …

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Expensive electricity’s hidden costs

by Marita Noon The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has just released their Energy Infrastructure Update report, which shows how much new electric generating capacity was installed for 2012. According to the report, renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, solar, hydro, and wind) accounted for 49.10% of all new domestic electrical generating capacity installed in 2012 …

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How the Green Cult causes an Economic Cliff

by Marita Noon  The contrast between then and now, the past and present, is startling. Sitting in the Carson Mansion, overlooking the Humboldt Bay, watching the boats bobbing in the marina, it is easy to picture what life must have been like in the heyday—1884-85—when William Carson built what has become one of the area’s …

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So, How’s Your Green Energy Stock Doing?

by Steve Goreham, originally published in The Washington Times Is green energy a fad that has run its course? The investment community seems to think so. RENIXX® World, the Renewable Energy Industrial Index of the world’s top green energy companies, hit an all-time low below 146 on November 21, down more than 90 percent from …

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Don’t follow Obama’s energy plan

by Marita Noon Because energy security is such a vital component of U.S. foreign policy, it was disappointing that it received little more than a brief mention in the final Presidential Debate. Early in the debate, President Obama, once again, lauded his policies for decreasing America’s oil imports. This is hardly something to brag about. …

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Solyndra seeks Tax Benefit in Bankruptcy

Not only has failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra benefited from a $535 million government loan guarantee, it’s now seeking a huge tax break as part of its bankruptcy reorganization. A Wall Street Journal editorial states: “Perhaps you thought the Solyndra scandal amounted to a $535 million government loan that will never be repaid. No such luck. In …

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Obama’s Green Energy Crony Corruption – Chapter 4 of 6

Companies that received special DOI fast-tracked approval Chapter 4: The First Solar Swindle by Marita Noon   As we dig deeper in the green-energy crony corruption-story, it begins to sound more and more like the making of a big-budget Hollywood thriller. This installment on First Solar includes billionaire investors, corporate welfare, favoritism, threats, exaggerations, lawsuits …

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Wind down wind subsidies

by Paul Driessen, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow A growing national coalition opposed to perpetuating industrial wind giveaways and mythical wind-power benefits has inspired thousands of Americans to call their senators and representatives – and defeat four different subsidy bills. A shocked American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) began aggressively recruiting well-connected political operatives and co-sponsors, …

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The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People

by Alan Caruba By Friday, February 10th, an estimated 500 Europeans had died from the freezing weather gripping the continent. This is the price they and British citizens are paying for embracing the global warming hoax, spending billions for wind power when they should have been building coal-fired and other sources of energy to heat …

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Why solar power, as a source of energy for the power grid, will simply never work

by Porter Stansberry, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research [Porter Stansberry has given PolyMontana his personal permission to republish this article. Here, Porter describes why solar energy cannot compete with carbon fuel energy. Porter not only shows his excellent insight into investment research but also his excellent understanding of physics and thermodynamics. – Ed]

A Rational Look at Renewable Energy

The implications of intermittent power by Kimball Rasmussen, President and CEO, Deseret Power, November 2010, Edition 1.2 Download the complete PDF report. Here are the highlights: Effectively, we end up building new fossil-fueled peaking power plants (usually natural gas) to back up the wind resources that were intended to eliminate fossil-fueled resources in the first …

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Green Energy Failure

by Ross McKitrick, Financial Post The pledge by Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak to roll back key provisions of the Ontario Green Energy Act is a courageous move and deserves to be applauded. It will likely spark intense debates as we head into the upcoming election. It is hard to say whether public opinion will …

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Wake up Montana: Netherlands drops wind for nuclear

by Andrew Orlowski,  The Register In a radical change of policy, the Netherlands is reducing its targets for renewable energy and slashing the subsidies for wind and solar power. It’s also given the green light for the country’s first new nuclear power plants for almost 40 years. Why the change? Wind and solar subsidies are …

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Wind power: Even worse than you thought

by Lewis Page, The Register A new analysis of wind energy supplied to the UK National Grid in recent years has shown that wind farms produce significantly less electricity than had been thought, and that they cause more problems for the Grid than had been believed.

John Muir Trust: Wind Farms are Totally Useless

by John Muir Trust Report Questions Wind Power’s Ability to Deliver Electricity When Most Needed Stuart Young Consulting, with support from the John Muir Trust, has released a report studying the ability of wind power to make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy supply. It concludes that the average power output of wind turbines …

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Wind is no Energy Panacea

By Charles Battig, Battig, of Charlottesville, is a retired physician with an advanced degree in electrical engineering. To those living in line-of-sight of rotating (not “oscillating,” as Richard Rusk states) turbine blades, the health issues are real enough. “Wind-turbine Syndrome” was coined by Dr. Nina Pierpont in describing the medical impacts on captive neighbors. …

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