AGW Hypothesis

Sun not CO2 causes climate change

First published on Sep 29, 2015. I changed this date so more readers can find Soon’s publication.  – Ed by Dr. Ed Berry (Ph.D., Atmospheric Physics) A new, peer-reviewed professional paper shows our sun, not our carbon dioxide, causes climate change. It also shows atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are an insignificant player, and possibly a non-player, in climate …

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Should I Worry?

Dr. Nebert is a physician-scientist with 50 years of work in basic and clinical research. He has over 500 publications. His public-oriented articles, like this one, are about busting myths. He uses scientific facts to counter publicly accepted hype and hysteria. The Cincinnati Enquirer published this article in May 2015. – Ed by Dr. Daniel W Nebert, Professor …

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A Physics view of Climate Change

A short, total rebuttal to climate alarmism by Dr. Ed Berry, PhD, Physics (Daily Inter Lake and NewsWithViews) Aztec priests told people they must cut out their beating hearts to bring better climate for their crops. The people believed them. Today’s climate priests tell people they must cut out their CO2 emissions and pay penances to other nations, …

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AGW theory and Fukushima nuclear disaster

by Kyoji Kimoto  The AGW theory of the IPCC was established by Dr. S. Manabe (NOAA GFDL in Princeton University) and Dr. J. Hansen (NASA GISS, Columbia University). It is theoretically failed due to the three Errors as shown below. Manabe and Hansen will be in a difficult situation when global cooling will occur with …

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Basic global warming hypothesis is wrong

Kyoji Kimoto reviews the basic global warming hypothesis. This hypothesis claims doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide in the absence of feedbacks will warm the Earth by about 1.2 degrees C. All IPCC’s global warming predictions are based on this basic hypothesis. Kyoji Kimoto shows why the basic global warming hypothesis may be wrong. He shows doubling carbon dioxide in the …

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