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Does the Tropopause Limit Carbon Dioxide Heat Trapping?

by Richard J. Petschauer, June 10, 2011, Revised June 29, 2011 [This revision adds non-standard atmospheric lapse rates to the calculations.] Background Basic greenhouse theory shows that as the concentration of CO2 increases, a thinner atmosphere is required to allow the heat to radiate to outer space. This causes the typical emission altitude to increase …

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Improved Simple Climate Sensitivity Model

by Richard J. Petschauer (February 24, 2011) 1.  Summary of the Present Simple Model and Its Limitations The present simple climate model, used by most climate scientists to estimate climate sensitivity, is based on maintaining energy balance between the net solar incoming shortwave solar radiation and the outgoing longwave radiation from the planet. Increased CO2 …

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Climate Science Blind Spot – Evaporation Cooling

by Richard J. Petschauer (January 18, 2011) 1. Background Climate science is certainly not settled considering how poorly the models handle latent heat transfer. This is a process involving heat loss on the surface from evaporation that is moved to a corresponding heat gain when condensation occurs during cloud formation, causing added heat to be …

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