Kyoji Kimoto

AGW theory and Fukushima nuclear disaster

by Kyoji Kimoto  The AGW theory of the IPCC was established by Dr. S. Manabe (NOAA GFDL in Princeton University) and Dr. J. Hansen (NASA GISS, Columbia University). It is theoretically failed due to the three Errors as shown below. Manabe and Hansen will be in a difficult situation when global cooling will occur with …

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Basic global warming hypothesis is wrong

Kyoji Kimoto reviews the basic global warming hypothesis. This hypothesis claims doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide in the absence of feedbacks will warm the Earth by about 1.2 degrees C. All IPCC’s global warming predictions are based on this basic hypothesis. Kyoji Kimoto shows why the basic global warming hypothesis may be wrong. He shows doubling carbon dioxide in the …

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IPCC’s overestimation of climate sensitivity

by Kyoji Kimoto (e-mail 1. Climate sensitivity from the energy budget of the earth Figure1 is a diagram of global energy budget of the earth based on the latest study [Trenberth et al., 2009]. From the figure, natural greenhouse energy is calculated as follows to produce natural greenhouse effect of 34K. Natural greenhouse energy: Eb-Es …

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