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8. Future Millennia

by Eric Grimsrud This last (possibly last) post by me extends the discussion of future effects of increased CO2 out into the next 8 millennia – roughly the same period of time over which man has developed advanced civilizations after the last glacial period which ended about 12 millennia ago. The essence of these predicted …

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6. The Age of Man

by Eric Grimsrud In this post, I will summarize the countless effects man has had on physical aspects of the Earth.   With each of these components, I will used select figures which I believe are worth a “thousand words”, as they say, and allow me to use a minimum of my own. In addition, I …

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4. Prosecuting in strict accordance with the Scientific Method.

by Eric Grimsrud It is time to move this debate forward. As the Prosecutor I will now attempt to do that in strict accordance with the Scientific Method, a portion of which Ed has previously summarized in his Post #2. To the Jury: In science, we have theories and we have observable facts. Our understanding …

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1. A Common Sense View of AGW

by Eric Grimsrud The essence of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) problem is really quite simple and can be viewed in this way.  The Earth contains two very different forms of carbon. We can call one of these “geological carbon” (GC).  GC includes “inert” substances such as the fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and various inorganic substances such a …

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