Climate Miracle


The newly acquired knowledge I have about a new book from Dr. Ed Berry is almost more than I can bear. As an octogenarian I am nearly overwhelmed with the discovery that truth is once again in season. And now the world will gain, along with me, a reinforcement of values lost, of twisted information…

Climate Miracle

Table of Contents

Climate Miracle Copyright Dedication Table of Contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 – A Critical Climate Debate 1.1   There are two kinds of climate scientists 1.2   Ice core data underrepresent actual CO2 1.3   Effects do not prove their cause 1.4   Human CO2 does not stick in the atmosphere 1.5   Sum of human CO2 proves nature caused…

Climate Miracle

Enthusiastic Endorsements

Climate Miracle is an excellent, up-to-date overview of the current “climate change” controversy. It systematically exposes the fallacies behind the climate alarmists’ talking points, while revealing numerous fabricated assumptions driving the IPCC agenda to demonize CO2. It also clearly explains the false logic used to exaggerate the human versus natural CO2 concentrations.  If you seek…

Climate Miracle

Climate Miracle References

Chapter 2 – Climate Change Basics Easterbrook, Don J. (2019): The solar magnetic cause of climate changes and the origin of the ice ages. CrossRef Essenhigh, R.E. (2009). Potential dependence of global warming on the residence time (RT) in the atmosphere of anthropogenically sourced CO2. Energy Fuel 23, pp. 2773-2784. CrossRef Harde, H. (2017). Scrutinizing…

Climate Miracle


The author thanks Howard “Cork” Hayden, Fryar Calhoun, Peter Morgan, and Valerie Berry for your comprehensive edits and suggestions. Thanks to all who wrote an Enthusiastic Recommendation. Thanks to all who provided edits and suggestions: Joseph Apple, Robert Bugiada, Richard Courtney, Joan Donohoe, Joel Glassett, Alan Greer, Fred Hammel, David Houghton, Cees De Jong, Kenneth…

Climate Miracle


Are you tired of the climate alarmists who claim: Your carbon emissions cause dangerous climate change? We must spend trillions of dollars to stop climate change? The scientists support them, and you are anti-science? Now, a breakthrough in climate science reveals the climate fraud! Fraud definition: deceit or breach of confidence, perpetrated for dishonest advantage….


Choose America

Choose America: Why Donald Trump is right about America by Edwin Berry Introduction The Key Question of the 2016 presidential election is: Will America be better served with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President? A subset of the Key Question is: Will Donald Trump’s 3 to 5 Supreme Court justices better serve America than…