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“Responsible Republicans”: Government-Minded, Liberty-Blinded

by Roger Koopman Talk to any Democratic politician about 10 different issues.  Then count how many times they will propose a governmental solution to the problem, versus how many times they express the belief that people, left alone and free, will come up with better solutions than the “programs” devised by meddling politicians. The final …

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Matt Rosendale answers Roger Koopman’s questions

by Roger Koopman, Montana Conservative Alliance  As you know, about a week ago I sent Matt Rosendale a memorandum in which I listed 20 examples of votes he had cast that — according to Montana Conservatives — generally advanced big government and the liberal agenda. This resulted in a surprisingly luke-warm TAB score of 54% …

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Will the real Matt Rosendale please stand up?

TO: Matt Rosendale FR: Roger Koopman, Montana Conservative Alliance RE: voting record questions DATE: May 17, 2014 As you know, Matt, there are many of us who want to believe that you are a verifiably sound and solid conservative — someone who will consistently cast a constitutional, less government vote in the US Congress. We …

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Montana Conservative Alliance Endorsements

I disagree with Roger and Scott’s methods and conclusions but post this for the record. – Ed by Roger Koopman and Scott Orr The following legislative candidates have been vetted by the MCA board – primarily through their responses to our “Principles Questionnaire” – and have been identified, to the best of our ability, as …

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Taxpayer’s Advisory Bulletin 2013 Final Report

by Scott Orr and Roger Koopman, Montana Conservatives Taxpayer’s Advisory Bulletin (TAB)  2013 LEGISLATIVE SESSION FINAL REPORT  Introduction  This is the fourth legislative session surveyed by Montana Conservatives through its now well-known TAB voting report.  By reviewing every floor vote on every bill and amendment, TAB provides an exhaustive analysis of each legislator’s tendency toward …

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Roger Koopman, PSC Candidate: Environmental Movement is a threat to Montana

by Roger Koopman, Candidate for Public Service Commissioner As a life-long defender of liberty and economic opportunity, I have come to realize that some of the strongest threats we face are coming from the so-called “environmental movement,” and the battleground for many of these issues is the PSC.  Radicals like incumbent commissioner Vincent are taking …

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