Mitt Romney

Summary of Mitt Romney’s Plan for America

by Ed Berry Mitt Romney has an excellent plan for America. It is diametrically opposite  to Obama’s plan for America. The difference between Romney and Obama is so dramatic it should shut up forever those who claim there is no difference between Romney and Obama, or between Republicans and Democrats. I  copied this summary directly from …

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To save our Freedom, we must stop Obama

by Ed Berry If you value your freedom, you must vote for Romney. Here’s why. 1. Obama has secretly legislated through Executive Orders. Here are examples: National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order: gives Obama the tools to dissolve our Republic and create a Marxist dystopia! It allows Obama to declare martial law during peacetime and …

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Elect Romney to save America’s Defense

by Senator Ryan Zinke, Chairman, Special Operations for America The President’s acceptance of a diminished U.S. Navy during last night’s debate is deeply troubling.   His condescending remarks suggesting that a reduced fleet can be compared to having fewer “horses and bayonets” demonstrates an unprecedented failure by the Commander-in-Chief to understand the basic role and mission …

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Ross Perot Endorses Mitt Romney

Texas billionaire Ross Perot has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Perot wrote in a statement according to The Washington Post: “At stake is nothing less than our position in the world, our standard of living at home, and our constitutional freedoms. Mitt has the background, experience, intelligence, and integrity to turn things around.”