Jon Tester

Did Montana Senator Tester lose his marbles?

by Dr. Edwin Berry Last week, Montana Senator Tester voted to block Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke from becoming Secretary of Interior. Tester’s vote should deserve a nomination for a political Darwin award. If Tester has any marbles, he should know that Ryan Zinke is the one Republican who will easily take Tester’s Senate seat in 2018, …

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Who re-elected Jon Tester US Senator?

by Dr. Edwin Berry Montana Senator Jon Tester wrote, “Montanans already understand that climate change is affecting our daily lives. The argument isn’t whether the world is changing, it’s how to respond.” God save us. We have an idiot, climate fanatic, liberal as our US Senator, masquerading as a climate scientist. Dear Senator Tester, Where’s …

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Jon Tester will vote to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty

by Ed Berry The UN Small Arms Treaty passed the UN with the help of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now, the US Senate is set to ratify the treaty before a new Senate takes over in January. You can thank your Libertarian-voting friends for this because without them, Jon Tester would not have become the 51st …

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Gun Rights may be Jon Tester’s biggest problem

by Dr. Ed Berry Look at what Senator Tester voted for: For radical anti-gun Supreme Court justices Sonya Sotomayor and Elana Kagan even while knowing they were against the individual right to keep and bear arms. The last Supreme Court decision in favor of the Second Amendment won by only 5 to 4. Elect Tester …

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Jon Tester Will Lock You Out

[youtube id=”fh7WRaayvCw”] Over 58 percent of Montana citizens oppose new wilderness designation yet Senator Tester has inserted his S268, wilderness bill, into an Interior appropriations bill. S268 is illegal and violates several federal laws and the 5th and 10th Amendments to our U.S. Constitution.

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