John Grady

A Criminal Administration is Running our Government

by Dr. Sir John Grady, M.D., O.S.J. The Park Service removes the handles from water fountains to make it hard on visitors and travelers.  How many employees are there doing this kind of disservice, and how much is that costing.  At the same time we are told there is no money to keep the parks open. And what …

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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

  The United States is in the hands of this Marxist, revolutionist, “Manchurian Candidate” who produced two clearly fraudulent birth certificates, an illegal social security number, and lost his license to practice law, … and will produce no documents regarding his place of origin, his school records, or any other information that should be known about …

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Abortion: Yes or No

by Dr. John Grady I explained it all very clearly in my book, Abortion — Yes or No, which I wrote in 1966, seven years before the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade. Since then, here in America, we have butchered more than 60 million precious, innocent, unborn babies. If our once great and highly …

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Forget global warming, here’s the real tipping point

by Dr. John Grady The numbers of  government employees are large and growing. America is rapidly becoming a socialist state and, unless we stop it, bankruptcy and disaster will follow. Observe Europe:  Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are essentially bankrupt and are on economic life support.  Greece, where 60 percent of the people