Hertha Lund

Catherine Vandemoer’s flawed legal analyses

by Attorney Hertha Lund There she goes again. Catherine Vandemoer’s recent column illustrates why Montanans should not trust someone to practice law without a license, who needs to build a citizens’ group for her income. Ms. Vandemoer’s constant mistruths and self-serving rantings have been very bad for Montana agriculture. In her recent rant, Ms. Vandemoer questioned …

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Hertha Lund: Why I support the Compact

by Attorney Hertha Lund, published in Western Ag Reporter on March 12, 2015, PDF here.  There are few rural Montanans who haven’t heard about the CSKT Water Compact. I’m a Montana rancher and lawyer who is working for a group of Montana irrigators. My clients support the Compact and believe its approval is essential to their future …

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