The newly acquired knowledge I have about a new book from Dr. Ed Berry is almost more than I can bear.

As an octogenarian I am nearly overwhelmed with the discovery that truth is once again in season.

And now the world will gain, along with me, a reinforcement of values lost, of twisted information long disseminated by men and women of letters and scoundrels bent on changing our beautiful world to a place of haunted and broken values meant to deceive and corrupt the populace for reasons only they can conceive and believe.

Dr. Berry has brilliantly presented a rare and much needed look at climate change through a prism of honest evaluation, scientific precepts and factual data that finally, yes, finally portrays the truth about what is happening, or not, to our planet in the stars.

Ready or not, you will like “Climate Miracle” because it allows one simple fact that Dr. Berry has exposed….’truth is now in season’.  

And now the world knows…….

Gerald R. Molen

Academy Award winning Producer of Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Hook, Rain Man, Minority Report, and many others.