Choose America

america314Choose America: Why Donald Trump is right about America

by Edwin Berry


The Key Question of the 2016 presidential election is:

Will America be better served with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President?

A subset of the Key Question is:

Will Donald Trump’s 3 to 5 Supreme Court justices better serve America than Hillary Clinton’s?

The Key Question is NOT:

  • Is Donald Trump perfect enough for me?
  • Will I violate my principles if I vote for Donald Trump?
  • Do I like Donald Trump?

When we choose a President, we are not concerned with “likes.” Our goal is to choose the candidate who will do the best job for America.

Physics proves Donald Trump will serve America far better than by Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, like Luke Skywalker, is leading America’s war against two enemy camps.Each camp derives its power from a myth.

Thirty-two percent of Americans believe, falsely, the Climate Myth, “our carbon dioxide emissions cause significant climate change.” They will vote for Hillary Clinton because they believe she will save the planet.

Ten percent of American Evangelicals believe, falsely, the Negative Voting Myth, “a vote for the lesser of two evils, is still a vote for evil.” Unless they reject their Myth, they may not vote for Donald Trump.

Aristotle and all major Christian Churches tell us to reject the Negative Voting Myth and use the Positive Voting Principle:

Our moral duty is to vote to achieve the most possible good, which eliminates voting for candidates who cannot win, and eliminates mandatory conditions.

It would be the greatest travesty in history if we lose America because of a myth.

Donald Trump is running for President not for himself but for all Americans. He does not need to be President. We need Donald Trump to be our President.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Choose America?

  • A Robert Frost moment
  • The Key Question
  • The difference between each road
  • Candidate Resumes
  • Seven testimonials for Donald Trump
  • Catholic Father Frank Pavone supports Donald Trump
  • Adam Brown supports Donald Trump
  • Diane Weber supports Donald Trump
  • Curt Schilling supports Donald Trump
  • Jon Voight supports Donald Trump
  • Don Surber supports Donald Trump
  • Vox Day supports Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton’s Resume
  • About Abortion

Chapter 2 – Physics shows how to find Truth

  • The scientific method is the best path to truth
  • The Scientific Method
  • The difference between science and religion
  • Nine rules to find truth
  • How a complex system can cause unintended results

Chapter 3 – The Split in the Republican Party

  • The Four Faces of the Republican Party
  • Who are the VCEs?
  • VCEs dominate the tea party
  • VCEs cause the split in the Republican Party
  • The Political Spectrum
  • Aristotle’s Golden Mean
  • VCEs believe high TAB scores makes them conservative
  • Who’s a conservative?
  • VCEs demand perfection or rejection
  • What is a bipartisan issue?
  • Lawsuit to close Republican Primary Elections
  • The Battle for Your Mind

Chapter 4 – Six Myths that damage America

  • Bigfoot Myth: They are out there
  • Chemtrail Myth: They are poisoning us
  • Young-Earth Myth: God created everything 6000 Years ago
  • Aztec Myth: They believed they could change climate
  • Climate Myth: They believe they can change climate
  • Fixed Wealth Myth
  • Negative Voting Myth

Chapter 5 – The Positive Voting Principle

  • VCEs believe the Negative Voting Myth
  • History of the Negative Voting Myth
  • Aristotle’s Positive Voting Principle
  • Catholic Church supports Positive Voting Principle
  • Baptist Church supports Positive Voting Principle
  • Methodist Church supports the Positive Voting Principle
  • Lutheran Church supports Positive Voting Principle
  • Presbyterian Church supports Positive Voting Principle
  • Evangelical Churches support Positive Voting Principle
  • Calvinist Church supports Positive Voting Principle
  • Mormon LDS Church supports Negative Voting Myth
  • Church Summary on Positive Voting Principle
  • The Positive Voting Principle forbids Mandatory Conditions
  • VCEs who follow the Negative Voting Myth are irrational
  • Three views of far-right evangelical dogmatism

Chapter 6 – How Physics defines Good Works

  • Moral Relativism versus Moral Absolutism
  • Works are the results of Actions
  • Good and Bad actions
  • Physics shows how good and bad are absolute
  • A sand castle
  • Left alone, an organized system will disorganize
  • An organized system can do more work
  • Information is organized data
  • Organization and Irreversibility
  • Wealth creation is a fundamental truth

Chapter 7 – Examples of VCEs Bad Actions

  • Three groups entered Montana in 2010
  • VCEs voted against Montana Republicans in 2012
  • VCEs voted against Montana’s Ryan Zinke in 2014
  • VCEs opposed Montana’s CSKT Water Compact in 2015
  • Oath Keepers have not yet supported Donald Trump
  • Like a pilot who can’t decide how to land
  • Some Cruz supporters still won’t back Trump
  • Ted Cruz is a VCE Dominionist
  • How to fix the Republican Party

Chapter 8 – Physics chooses Donald Trump

  • Why your vote is important
  • Answer the Key Question
  • Donald Trump’s 100-day Plan
  • Donald Trump’s plan for America
  • How to tell if a plan is good
  • Hillary Clinton’s plan for America
  • Election prediction
  • Physics chooses Donald Trump
  • Vote, not for yourself, but for America