The critical 2015 Montana legislative session

by Senator Verdell Jackson, Kalispell, Montana

The CSKT water compact, the impact of government-controlled health care, pensions deficits, the lowest wages in the nation, high cost of energy and skyrocketing taxes are just a few of the issues that need immediate attention.

Fortunately, Bob Keenan, former president of the Montana Senate is running for the District 5 senate seat which I must vacate due to term limits.  Bob is one of the best financial minds to ever serve in the Montana legislature.

If we are going to thrive as a state, our new legislators should strive for a small and efficient government that maintains necessary infrastructure, cares for the truly needy while protecting individual freedom and property rights as well as our access to public lands. They should increase revenue by increasing productivity, especially the harvesting of natural resources, not by raising taxes.  Our constitutional republic form of government has made our country the greatest on earth.  We have enjoyed a period of freedom and prosperity, but our children and grandchildren may not have the same experience.  Socialism does not enhance freedom or prosperity.

Legislators are needed who support the US and Montana constitutions, realize that our governments are too big and over-reaching, and understand that individual freedoms are being lost as the role of government is expanded.  People want to be free and self supporting, but government and taxes are increasing every year making it difficult for many people to pay their taxes and they consequently lose their property.

I believe we need honest, moral legislators who are part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Many legislators go to Helena to start new programs or provide more funding for their favorite existing government programs.  It sounds good, but the result is that more government workers are hired.  For example, secondary and post secondary education always gets more money, but it is never enough.

My website,, shows the last 10 years of spending for every school in Montana.  The state wide average cost per student (K-12) has increased to almost $11,000 per student per year.

Based on my experience in assisting with campaigns and serving in the Montana legyslature for 15 years I am assisting the following candidates during the primary election which takes place June 3:

  • MT Senate:
    • Mark Blasdel (Kalispell)
  • MT House:
    • Doug Adams (Whitefish)
    • Ronalee Skees (Kalispell)
    • Mike Hebert (Somers/Lakeside)

After researching web sites, reviewing campaign materials and attending candidate presentations, I believe these candidates have the understanding, philosophy and experience necessary to deal both with the unique issues next session, balance the budget and most of all enhance the freedom and self sufficiency of every person by leaving more money in our pockets.  I believe they have integrity and will run honest positive campaigns.

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