3 thoughts on “Michael Savage: Cruz is Bush establishment insider”

  1. I always thought Raphael Cruz was off putting! Since Iowa he is a cheater!!! Establishment of the Bush NWO secret ocults! Destroying USA.Trump 2016. I hope he can be stopped before April 5!!!!! Heidi just as BAD!!! He started with Mr.Trumps wife then twisted the story!!! Off putting!!!

  2. Michael Savage is a hack, anything to get his Trumpet in. Trump lobbied for Hillary, talk about that savage, how about Trump University, how about the beauty pageant scandal, and many , many more, no let's not talk about that savage or real name Weiner- that's a scandal

    1. Dear Stevens,

      You have yet to learn that attacking the messenger does nothing to destroy the message. It is revealing that you did not counter anything Savage said.

      Second, the only way to properly choose your favorite candidate is to compare candidates. Simply claiming one candidate is not perfect is not enough because no candidates are perfect.

      There are many sources of evidence that Cruz is a Bush establishment insider. If that is what you want then that is surely your choice.

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