Congressman Ryan Zinke votes to defund Amnesty

RyanZ2Congressman Ryan Zinke (MT) supports amendments to the 2015 FY Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill which will completely defund President Obama’s illegal actions, end DACA and deferred action, and expedite the deportation of domestic violence perpetrators and sex offenders.

“As a former Navy SEAL Commander and State Senator, I took the oath to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.  My first duty as Montana’s Congressman is to uphold my oath to defend the Constitution but right now the President’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, coupled with his complete disregard for the chaos going on at the southern border, is a direct assault on the Constitution and a direct threat to national security.

“This isn’t about our neighbors to the south. The southern border has become a nexus for national security and immigration. A recent report by U.S. Customs and Border Protection found that people from 75 countries illegally crossed the border between the U.S. and Mexico from countries like China, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Egypt.

“Thousands of unattended children are crossing the border— if children can walk across our southern border without consequences, what makes this administration think that ISIS can’t cross with weapons of mass destruction? We know that ISIS now has access to weapons of mass destruction including chemical weapons and various transportation methods. It should be the Administration’s top priority to shut the border down and protect our nation and our people. America built the Panama Canal in the 19th century; surely we can build a fence in the 21st.”

2 thoughts on “Congressman Ryan Zinke votes to defund Amnesty”

  1. This looks good in print but please explain why you voted to pass the DHS bill which fully funds the homeland security bill with amnesty funding attached. I wasn't a Seal but in my outfit we did what we said we were going to do. I know you have some bullshit reason why you voted this way but all you did was flex the democratic muscle and put more tobacco in Obama's pipe. Way ta go commander!!

  2. @1 Dear Bill, What is your data source for your claim?

    I am not aware Zinke ever voted to fund amnesty, but maybe I missed something.

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