Roger Koopman, PSC Candidate: Environmental Movement is a threat to Montana

by Roger Koopman, Candidate for Public Service Commissioner

As a life-long defender of liberty and economic opportunity, I have come to realize that some of the strongest threats we face are coming from the so-called “environmental movement,” and the battleground for many of these issues is the PSC.  Radicals like incumbent commissioner Vincent are taking aim at everything from mining and logging to energy and agriculture.  They run roughshod over our property rights and push a green-energy-at-any-cost agenda that it sure to send our utility rates through the roof.

We must expect much more from our overly-political and frequently incompetent Public Service Commission.  Frankly, the PSC doesn’t need more lawyers and partisan politicians.  It needs wise and capable private sector professionals, who will advance innovative, market-based policies to produce cheaper, more reliable energy for our future.  It needs statesmen with unshakable conservative principles, equipped with the unique skill sets necessary to provide true leadership.

In evaluating my candidacy, I would encourage primary voters to consider three things.

First, my unbroken record of passionate, constitutional conservatism – both as a writer and public commentator, and while serving two terms in the Montana state legislature.  My fundamental philosophy is that in every area of government, we must serve with integrity, God-honoring humility, and at all times with one eye fixed on the Constitution.

Secondly, having run all aspects of a small business for over three decades, I believe I am well-prepared to serve effectively on the PSC.  These analytical and investigative skills have been further enhanced by my more recent mergers and acquisitions work.  The PSC is not for everyone.  It is tough, nitty-gritty, grind the numbers and sift through the details kind of work – ideally suited to the business mind.  The commission does not have a full time businessperson right now, and that’s what I would bring to the table

Thirdly, this race is going to be very tough in the general election.  Having defeated 8 straight Republicans for the legislature and several more for county commission, Vincent is a popular politician who will be difficult to beat.   The only Republican who ever defeated John Vincent was Roger Koopman – by six points, in his own home district.

Perhaps this is the reason why Vincent, in a recent e-mail that went out to many Republicans, endorsed two of my primary opponents (Brown and More) and urged GOP voters to support anyone but me!  His reasons are easily understood.  But do we really want John Vincent picking which Republican he is going to face in the fall?

For too long, this state, its energy and its resources have been held hostage to senseless environmental extremism, and a “government know all, government do all” philosophy.  With your help, we can fix that, and make Montana an oasis of freedom and opportunity for the generations to come.  Putting a business practitioner and long time patriot on the Public Service Commission if a good place to start.

(Paid by Roger Koopman for PSC, Republican, 811 S. Tracy Ave., Bozeman, MT  59715)

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