Obama opposes American beliefs

Muslims believe: 

  1. They have to blow up people to get to heaven.
  2. In ‘holy jihad’.
  3. Sharia Law can co-exist with the Supreme Law of our Land – the Constitution.

Obama and Biden believe:

  1. LIFE:Obama favors partial birth abortion and leaving them to die if ‘undesired’, with his support of the misnamed ‘Born Alive Infant Protection Act’. And with ObamaCare, everyone (unless you’re a member of the Muslim Party, or of Congress) is forced to pay for the abortions of everyone else. (Romney/Ryan support LIFE).
  2. MARRIAGE: 32 of the 50 States favor enforcement of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), while Obama defies the law and refuses to enforce it. (Romney/Ryan support DOMA and MARRIAGE).
  3. ISRAEL: Obama denies and distances us from our staunchest ally in the fight for survival against Islam and Sharia Law. (Romney/Ryan support ISRAEL).
  4. FREEDOM of SPEECH: Obama and Hillary apoligized to the Muslim world for our FREEDOM of SPEECH rights. (If Christians publicy state that they believe that Jesus is the only way Heaven – they say it should be banned as anti-Islamic speech!). (Romney/Ryan support the 1at Amendment and FREEDOM of SPEECH).
  5. AMERICA: Obama defends having 46 million on Food Stamps – a 70 percent increase since 2007, and his administering over the longest period of joblessness since the Great Depression over 70 years ago. (Romney/Ryan support AMERICA).

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