Vote for Denny Rehberg

by Neil Livingstone [download PDF]


Dear Friend,

I am writing on behalf of Denny Rehberg to my conservative, Constitutionalist, Libertarian, and Tea Party friends. This election is too important for us to cast symbolic votes. We’ve got to beat Obama and take back the Senate or it may be too late for America. This means voting for Republican candidates, despite the disagreements we have on important issues with some of them. Every one of them is better than their Democrat opponent.

John Tester is a U.S. Senator because a third party candidate siphoned off more than 10,000 votes from Sen. Conrad Burns, who lost by only 3,000 votes. Tester has been a disaster and has voted with President Obama 95% of the time. America would have been far better off if Burns had remained in the Senate.

In 1996, Denny lost to Max Baucus by a narrow margin, but would have won if third party voters had not wasted their votes on marginal candidates. If we could have gotten rid of Max at that time, not only would he not have authored the Obamacare bill, but we might have been able to block the confirmation of Obama’s two far-left justices Kagan or Sotomayor. The liberals now have four justices on the Supreme court and if we lose one more, they’ll have a majority and the Constitution will be under siege. Not only will we see more federal encroachment on our basic rights and liberties, but I can predict that there will be new attacks on gun ownership almost immediately.

If you are a dedicated supporter of the Tenth Amendment, as I am, and believe, as I do, that there should be no abridgement of our Second Amendment rights, then we need to come together now and not let the far left win by default. If you want the U.S. to drastically reduce its commitment to the U.N., or even get out altogether, you can’t count on John Tester, who is an ardent supporter of the U.N. and, by implication, world government.

You know my respect for each of you. We’ve got to win this election and I hope you’ll help by voting for Denny and our other Republican candidates.

Best wishes,

Neil C. Livingstone

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