10 Endorsements of Neil Livingstone and Ryan Zinke

Tamara Hall, M.Ed., Author, Consultant and radio talk show host.

“I believe Neil is the true conservative in this race. As a conservative columnist for 20 years, I have been up close and personal with Montana’s leaders. I have met many a politician, but very few leaders. Neil is the real deal. His grasp of Montana’s problems is vast and his solutions are practical. He is a successful businessman who understands the value of hard work and initiative. Montana is at a cross roads: We need a leader who will work the next generation, not the next election. It is an honor to know and support Neil Livingstone.”

Captain Steve Luckey, V.P. of Research and Development, NEMO Arms:

As a former commercial 747 international captain, Marine fighter pilot, experienced combat special operations  commander, and corporate execute, I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of impressive professional people all over the world.

“Montana needs a very special team of talented individuals to effectively meet the unique, horrific challenges that we face in this critical period of history. The team must be able to face the dynamic changes represented by current  local, state, and international situations that have never been more important for our very survival and quality of life. Neil and Ryan have what it takes and I can’t think of a better choice to get the job done while representing the best interests of all of us in Montana. They are proven leaders with unparalled credentials and experience.”  

John Andre, President, Worldwide Hunting Consultant, Outfitter, Author of U.S.A. vs. E.S.A., the Politically Incorrect Side of the Endangered Species Act:

“Neil Livingstone and Ryan Zinke have competed, and succeeded, on the international business stage. Those competitive skills are what they will bring to the Montana governor’s mansion. Montanans need to hire the most qualified team to provide new leadership for this state, so that it’s businesses can compete in the worldwide marketplace.  In my judgment, of all the candidates running,  Neil and Ryan are the individuals best suited to be the next C.E.O.s of the Treasure State.” 

Morrie Shechtman, Chairman, Fifth Wave Leadership, Psychotherapist, Author and Executive Consultant:

“Montana’s never before seen as qualified a candidate for any office, as they have in Neil.”

Glen Swope, Retired railroad executive and private investigator:

I am endorsing Neil Livingstone for Governor of Montana because in my opinion he is the best educated, most experienced administrator, and least likely to cave in to special interests.  I am convinced he is a man of integrity who will root out corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence, and means it when he says he will cut the size of the Montana government.

Harry Hyatt, Retired Chemical Company Executive:

“I was born and educated in Montana and like Neil and Ryan had to leave the state for my career.  I am back full time and I have had the opportunity to sit down, individually, with four of the five leading candidates for governor.  There is no doubt in my mind that Neil and Ryan are the best candidates to lead Montana into the future.  They are the only ones strong enough to make the changes to enable Montanans to benefit from the vast resources within our borders.  This will result in JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.”

Greg Bancroft, Director of Sales and Marketing Brown Group Inc., retired:

“This state, as well as this country, can no longer tolerate a good old boy, business as usual type of government. Neil and Ryan will bring energy and a sense of urgency to utilize our natural resources and put people back to work.”

Paul Vallely, MG, US Army (ret), Chairman – Stand Up America

“After reviewing in detail the candidates for Governor, I firmly believe that the Livingstone/Zinke is the best team for Montana. Their approach and solutions for business, jobs and standing up for State of Montana versus an overzealous Federal Government and bureaucracy is what we need. I have confidence that they will choose an executive and leadership team that will be ‘second to none’.”

Ed Berry, Ph.D., Physicist, CEO Climate Physics Institute and PolyMontana:

“Neil Livingstone is a Montanan who made good. He has the experience, education, desire, and ability that will make him the best governor in the history of Montana.”

 Phil Cardan, M.D., F.A.C.S., Retired General and Acute Care

“As a  surgeon, I’m worried about the terrible impact of impending ObamaCare legislation–not just on patients–but on the whole medical delivery system. Neil and Ryan will stand up for Montana against this federal encroachment.”


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