Neil Livingstone: I will block any attempt to implement United Nations programs in Montana

QUESTION to Neil Livingstone:


I just received your brochure and have a very tough and sensitive question for Ryan and yourself.  The question is partially driven by apparent presidential executive order abuse.

How would your office (if elected) react to a federal executive order, or a U.N. (Clinton) move, to disarm the American public?

John Prather, Townsend

ANSWER by Neil Livingstone:

Dear John,

I received your inquiry while I’m traveling. My short answer is I will, under no circumstances, permit Montanans to be disarmed.

We will stand up to the federal government and I will personally block any attempt, using the National Guard and any other resources available, to confiscate guns in this state or to implement any UN programs.

You have my word on it.

Best. Neil

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