Neil for Governor 2012 – Join the Revolution!

Creating a Conservative Political and
Economic Revolution in Montana

Dear Friend,

As we enter the home stretch on the gubernatorial race, we are surging across the state.

We have major defections from all of the other campaigns. The leading conservative blog in the state has endorsed us and is trying to unify conservative support behind us to defeat Rick Hill.

We have done the largest statewide media buy, both radio, and TV. Our ads are extremely popular. We need, however, more money to get to the finish line. Anything you can do would be appreciated.

If you don’t trust Rick Hill to win the nomination, send money today otherwise we run the risk of the six conservative candidates splitting the vote among each other and Rick Hill, who is NOT a conservative, getting the nomination.

This would be a disaster for Montana because Rick cannot beat Attorney General Steve Bullock in the general election.

Private polls say that only Neil Livingstone and Ryan Zinke can do so.

Ken Miller is dead in his tracks facing potential criminal charges for campaign violations. Just this week he illegally made robo-calls across the state, including, unbelievably, to the office of political practices. He has misrepresented support from the TEA Party in Montana, and needs to recognize his chances of winning are zero.

Bob Fanning has little support and is not a viable candidate.

Jim O’Hara is a wonderful person, but cannot beat Bullock and won’t win the nomination.

Cory Stapleton has also been accused of campaign irregularities and at the Whitefish gubernatorial forum was asked “why was he even in the race” because he has so little support.

Jim Lynch is a Democrat.

Please join with us in creating a conservative political and economic revolution in Montana.

If you stay on the sidelines at this critical hour, Montana is likely to elect an Obama style leftist lawyer as the next governor of the state, and someone who will make us wish we still had Schweitzer.

Individual contributors may give up to $630 each in the primary and the general election, and contributions should be made out to Neil2012 and sent to P.O. Box 1727, Helena, Montana 59601. Please include your occupation and employer for state Political Practices reporting requirements. We also accept credit cards on line at our web site,

Best wishes.

Neil Livingstone
Ryan Zinke

When Elected Governor, Livingstone Promises To:
                          Cut Taxes
                          Develop Our Natural Resources in a Responsible Way
                          Create Good High-Paying Jobs
                          Open New Markets    
                          Balance the State Budget and Reduce Costs
                          Make State Government Completely Transparent
                          Oppose Any Unfunded Federal Mandates

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