Livingstone – The Best Conservative Choice for Montana

Conservative Base endorses Neil Livingstone for Governor of Montana

Neil Livingstone  is the clear choice in next Tuesday’s Republican Primary for Governor of Montana.  Conservatives across the “The Treasure State” have begun to rally around the staunchly conservative Livingstone over the past couple of weeks.

Livingstone is a well-known counter terrorism expert and successful international businessman.  He is a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has been endorsed by “Montana Right to Life.

His international business success over the years will be invaluable to Livingstone as Montana’s next chief executive.  Livingstone’s real world business acumen and international contacts at the “CEO level” could help usher in an economic boom and real job growth, the likes of which Montanans haven’t seen in decades.

His Lieutenant Gubernatorial running mate is current state senator and former U.S. Navy Seal, Ryan Zinke.  Zinke also currently serves as the Chairman of the Montana Senate Education Committee.  He has championed education technology and performance based reform.

Livingstone, with his strong pro-life, pro-family, and pro-gun rights stances has been a favorite with conservatives.  When asked by Montana media how he would like to see the fish, wildlife, and parks manage wolves in Montana, Livingstone struck a chord with Montana conservatives when he said it’s:

“About time we introduce the gray wolf to Central Park in New York City and the suburbs of Washington, DC.  Let’s see how the Government bureaucrats and the elitist financial contributors to radical environmental groups like it when people more than 2,200 miles away make critical decisions without really consulting them, that affect their security and livelihoods.  It’s time for the state of Montana to take over control of its wildlife issues, and we will determine whether there should be ANY gray wolves roaming this state.”

Livingstone’s strong stand against environmental extremists has been another reason why conservatives have begun to rally around Livingstone as the only conservative hope of defeating former U.S. Representative Rick Hill in next Tuesday’s GOP primary.

The good news for conservatives is that by all indications, Livingstone, who has been up heavy on the Montana airwaves, has been surging over the past couple of weeks.

The only thing that will stop him is if the conservative vote is divided next Tuesday.  It’s time for Montana conservatives to rally around one of their own – Neil Livingstone.

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1 thought on “Livingstone – The Best Conservative Choice for Montana”

  1. frederick J. Hammel

    Dr. Ed; I would like to hear one of the candidates say that are running for governor ,or any elective office. That they are against the New World order I am so sick and tired of paying high prices for beef or oil, it used to be things grown in this country stayed in this country. The rest of the industrial world is so trapped into socialism that they cannot even feed their own population. Back in the early 70s, this country was a greatest industrial nation on the face of the earth we imported very little except for bauxite to make steel and aluminum. Is it our job to protect the world and the feed the World.I do not like Sen.Tester, He did say one thing I agree with the oil, now the Balkans should stay in the United States.There is another thing that bothers me, the banks,I put my money in the bank and they give me no interest I do not count 1 to 1 1/2 percent interest on my money, I should be getting at least 6% interest on my money.I was listening to Alan Greenspan talk on interest paid to customers of banks. He was talking about how they use interest to manipulate society,if the banks paid high-interest people would have a tendency of saving their money, when they pay low interest people will blow there money. Now if people were blowing there money on products made United States, that would not bother me, the trouble is they are blowing their money on products made in another country. Someone in this country must have the brains to get mad,and maybe solve some of these problems.

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