Republicans are party of God and free markets

by Michael Savage,

Like millions of Americans, I watched as the Democrats actually put God to a vote.

If you actually analyze what you’re listening to, you’re watching a battle for the soul of America. 

There’s no question that the Republicans represent the party of God and the party of the free market.

The Democrats represent what we saw in the ex-Soviet Union: a party of anti-God and government control of all markets.

That is how clear this election is. It’s a vote between those who believe in God and believe we should support the Jews in Israel despite their many blemishes, over the Islamist beheaders.

It’s that simple.

Those boos we heard in the hall were very loud and very vocal.

Those people were booing because the Democrats included God and language about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their platform.

As you can hear, most of the delegates hate Israel and hate God.

Can you imagine that at this point in American history, a nation founded on the principles of God is being taken over by a party that despises God and denies God’s existence and wants to stab Israel in the back in order to support the Islamists who would kill the Jews and drive them out of the Middle East?

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