Democrats have flood America with welfare leeches

by Michael Savage,

There is major news that the media is burying, taking about trivia, while the world is on fire.

The president was just thrown under the bus by his own CIA director, General Petraeus.

Petraeus insists that nobody in the CIA said “stand down” while the U.S. Embassy was being attacked, even though a CIA team was only a mile away.

That means that the orders to do nothing while Ambassador Stevens and the others were murdered came from inside the State Department or the White House itself.

Let me tell you what happened to me at the mall today. A woman came up to me who looked to be of Middle Eastern descent.

She smiled at me and actually said:

“We don’t need the American military in Libya. We need them here so they can arrest people like you for criticizing the president.”

I asked her why she didn’t go back to the country she came from.

Her only answer was that if Romney was elected, Medicare and Social Security would be cut.

Then she scurried away.

So that is this election in a nutshell:

The Democrats have flooded the country with welfare leeches who will vote them in over and over again.

These people don’t care about national security or integrity. They only care about leeching off the system.
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