Randy Vogel replies to Ken Miller’s letter about Ryan Zinke

by Randy Vogel, Political Director, Ryan Zinke for Congress


RyanZ2Some of you may have received the attack email from Ken Miller. I’ve been friends with Ken since we served together in the legislature, I like Ken and I’m very disappointed he would take to the low road. He’s a better man than that.

The email he sent is a trashy attempt to diminish the effectiveness of Ryan Zinke for Congress and promote Ken’s candidate, although he failed to tell you who it is.

Well, I’ll tell you, it’s Matt Rosendale–you know him, he’s the guy shooting drones out of the sky. Ken’s been supporting his campaign for some time, although he apparently is embarrassed to admit it.

Ken knows Rosendale is way behind the other candidates, and this is a desperate, deceitful attempt to destroy Ryan’s good name because Ryan’s leading the pack and will win the primary. Ryan is the only Republican candidate who can win the General election, and the Democrats are smiling right now, knowing he’s being attacked from his own party.

I’ve supported Ryan Zinke since he started in politics and I’m proud of it. Ryan is an honest man who believes in Montana values, and running a positive campaign. He has given his staff explicit orders to stay on a positive message and not go negative. “If you can’t win a campaign on your own merits, you should not be running” is his motto. Too bad all the campaigns haven’t taken that high road.

Miller/Rosendale attacked Ryan on his support of the Second Amendment. Ryan’s never wavered from his support. After one of his SEAL teams developed the .50 cal sniper rifle, Ryan questioned whether or not it should be sold over the counter in the civilian market. He knew the accuracy and destruction it could deliver and was concerned about law enforcement’s ability to counteract it. As he talked to people around Montana, he found out how much they supported the .50 cal, and, so he did, also.

Isn’t that what a Representative is supposed to do? Determine what the people desire? Then represent their constituency? Ryan is SOLID on the Second Amendment. He’s never voted against it. He’s a leader on the issue. It’s sad that destructive politics is so effective, built on falsehoods and deceit.

Miller/Rosendale won’t tell you that in 2011 Ryan received a 0 (ZERO) rating from NARL. Maybe it’s because he’s pro-life and carried the “Assault on Unborn Victims” Bill that Miller/Rosendale doesn’t want pro life people to know about. What pro-life bill did Rosendale carry? Hmmm?

I could go on regarding each of the fallacious attacks, but you get the point.

Ryan’s not a member of any environmental groups. He bought one magazine subscription to determine what the opposition’s positions were on the issues. And, no, he did not speak at any environmental organizations dinners as has been rumored. He does his homework. He wants to know all the information he can get. He actually read every bill he voted on. Do you see how deceitful politics can distort the real record?

Miller/Rosendale doesn’t mention that Ryan has an MBA in Finance, an MS in Global Leadership, along with a BS in Geology. They don’t talk about Ryan’s leadership skills either. He was not only the Commander of Special Forces in Kosovo and Iraq, but was also the Dean of Special Forces Training and Education. He saw combat in Bosnia/Kosovo and Iraq.  He earned two Bronze Stars in Iraq.  That’s leadership, literally under fire.

If you’re looking for a candidate to support who is honest and will hold true to Montana values because he’s a third-generation Montanan, not an east coast import, Ryan Zinke is who you will want to support. Thank you.


Randy Vogel
Political Director (and proud of it!)
Ryan Zinke for Congress

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