Ken Miller asks his voters to support Rick Hill for governor

Dear Montanan,

It is with a heart of gratitude that I write to you, my supporters and friends, today, and not with a heavy heart. I have every reason today to be the most blessed—most fortunate—man in this state, because I have and had something in our campaign for Montana Governor that no other candidate could touch: the unwavering loyalty of truly conservative Montana families. Many have written to me in the past two years as they’ve seen that loyalty grow and flourish into something that the entire state got to see. No matter how hard the media tried to deny or ignore it, it was everywhere. It’s something that our former opponents could not grasp, and often tried to emulate in the press. And for that loyalty to me, my family and my campaign, I am forever grateful.

There will be many opportunities today and in the days to come to question, Why? Why didn’t we seize the loyalty of the majority of our party on election night? Were they not ready for real change in their state government? Were they comfortable with what they knew—with business-as-usual? Or were there other factors outside of this campaign that contributed to our opponents succeeding, and us being forced into the background that week? Friends, unfortunately, we will never know 100% of the answers to those questions.

What we know is this: we put our ALL, our whole hearts, prayers, time, money and energy into trying to reach every single Montanan that we could with our message. And many, many Montanans, like you, were able to be a part of something truly extraordinary that money cannot buy, and votes cannot change.

Now I’m going to ask you to do something for me. As a conservative leader in this state with government and business experience, I know that we desperately need jobs. We desperately need aggressive economic change and less government in order for our children to find jobs here. We need someone who is willing to fight for those, despite whether or not that person would have been your ideal choice as a conservative Governor. What we do NOT need is another eight years of Schweitzer if Steve Bullock is elected in November.

And so I ask you this tough favor: Will you please support the candidate that we, the Republican Party ultimately chose last night to beat Bullock in November? Even if you choose not to volunteer all of your time and efforts right away, because I know that this is hard–I ask that you consider doing so in the future, and at least donate to his campaign and fight the deep campaign coffers that Bullock has already saved up to try to coast into the Governor’s seat. Let’s show Bullock that we, true conservatives, are a UNITED front against Obamacare and any other type of federal OR state overreach into our lives. We can come together, as we did these past two years, to fuel the efforts that will beat liberalism in Montana, by courageously backing the GOP nominee, Rick Hill.  We then need to make sure our conservative values are pursued and upheld if he gains the office–by staying involved.

I will continue to serve the people of Montana as best as I can, to continue to be a conservative voice in my party and among Montanans of all affiliations to ensure that our freedoms are not slowly embezzled from us the way that they have been. I will do all I can to encourage and support other brave conservatives who will fight for those freedoms.

And finally, I’d like to thank my fellow governor candidates who fought a good fight during this primary and gave Montanans their time, money and energy in this important election. I’d particularly like to thank Jim O’Hara, Jim Lynch, Bob Fanning, and Corey Stapleton for their sportsmanship on AND off the field. All candidates showed great nerve by running for Governor, especially with those “crazy” Miller supporters in green, out-showing them at events and nipping at their heels along the way.

Thank you Bill and Jennifer for joining as partners on this endeavor.

Thank you Stacy and Marrisa for going above and beyond with your dedication to this campaign. And thank you to the hard working, devoted and enthusiastic volunteers all across the state.

Thank you again, my wonderful, courageous, steadfast friends. You and my amazing family, Peggy, Max and Kyndall, kept me going through the tough times and fueled my drive to make the trips, shake the hands and continue on this rewarding journey. We plan to stay active for the conservative ideals that we know will make this country strong once again. I trust that will give us an opportunity to see you in the future.

God bless,

Ken Miller


My friends:

I thank God for so many good and rich blessings in my life especially my family and wife for her unwavering support.

I am likewise grateful to Ken Miller and the Miller campaign for the opportunity to share in our common struggle to take back our state, nation and our political party. And I thank God for leaders like Ken, willing to step into the breach, pledging and risking their lives fortunes and sacred honor in the process.

It was such an amazing and special thing to be a part of Miller for Governor, its staff and supporters. It was both uplifting and humbling to watch the labor and sacrifices of the campaign’s many Proverbs 31-like women. It was a thrill to work with, and to stand beside, the many courageous men of honor that worked so hard and gave so generously. So many individuals, couples and entire families sharing so freely of their time, energy and talent.

So, I am thanking God for you and your families, all you have done and will yet do, for letting me be a part of it all. I am reminding myself that ALL things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Until we meet again, take heart and keep the faith!

Bill Gallagher


6 thoughts on “Ken Miller asks his voters to support Rick Hill for governor”

  1. montanpatriots4justi

    Dear Ken Miller,

    This letter is from all the true Montana Patriots who believed in you right up until you admittedly cheated via robo-calling! Even though we may not agree with the law you have to obey it. For example, if you don't agree with DUI's just because the federal government mandated them in Montana due to road funding…doesn't mean you should drink and drive. You are a liar and a cheater! Many of us are utterly disappointed in you due to your lack of integrity. Had you not cheated you would have had a better chance of winning because I know many many people who would have voted for you, but changed their minds after you broke the law.

    And for Mr. Gallagher to ruin his name and go down with your sinking lying ship is pathetic and shows what kind of man he really is as well! You are still entitled due process for all the other violations you have been found…well….uh…in violation of and I and many other true and honest patriots hope you get heavy fines for all of them. And like Dr. Berry mentioned in a previous post I know several people just waiting to sue the dog crap out of you and I hope justice prevails in their cases as well!


    The "true" and "honest" Patriots of Montana

  2. frederick J. Hammel

    Montana will never have honest elections until we address one problem. Open elections- If we want honest elections, when voting in primaries , all voter should have to register there party and carry a card saying what party they belong to before getting their ballot. The democrats do not run a lot of candidates, so any democrats can pick the republican ballot and vote for a RINO, and we have a lot of RINO's on the republicans ticket.

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