Ken Miller: Three reasons to vote for Denny Rehberg

by Ken and Peggy Miller


Please consider a few points when you vote for our next US Senator.

  • America as we know it cannot survive another Obama appointed, Tester confirmed, Supreme Court Justice.
  • Fiscally our economy cannot afford the out of control spending.
  • We must have US Senate leadership that will allow an audit of the Federal Reserve.

We’ve all seen how our financial markets, businesses and even our own mortgage rates can all be determined by the action, or inaction of the Federal Reserve Board. Yet, we the American people are not even allowed to know what it is doing or to whom it is lending money. Money guaranteed by our tax dollars.

Congressman Ron Paul scored a great victory for us when his Federal Reserve Transparency Act, the Audit the Fed bill, was passed with bi-partisan support in the US House. Congressman Denny Rehberg was an original co-sponsor of the bill.

Senator Rand Paul has 34 co-sponsors for the Audit the Fed bill in the Senate – but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed to never let it be voted upon.

That’s why Montana’s US Senate race is so important this year – it will determine the leadership in the Senate. Jon Tester will vote to keep Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Any vote that helps Tester is a vote for Harry Reid – which is a vote against Auditing the Fed.

That’s why it so important to elect Denny Rehberg instead of Jon Tester. We need to Audit the Fed.  We need to improve the balance the US Supreme Court. We must stop this crazy out of control spending.

Please join Peggy and I, vote for Dennis Rehberg for US Senator.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.



Ken Miller

1 thought on “Ken Miller: Three reasons to vote for Denny Rehberg”

  1. Dear Ken,

    Thank you very much for your email. Your generous email will be a very significant factor in electing Denny Rehberg.

    I posted your email on top of and will advertise it to my email list.

    I am with you in pulling together all conservatives to vote for our Republican candidates. This is the only way we can move forward to save Montana and America.



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