Linus Gets It


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by Dr. John Grady

Over three decades of debating prominent Liberals or Leftists on radio, television, before legislative committees and in numerous public assemblies, one thing became very clear to me:  You cannot constructively debate a liberal. Facts, data, history, reason — none of these matter. If your make your point, or prove him or her wrong, the Liberal will do one of four things:

  1. Deny the data or history
  2. Change the subject
  3. Revert to an allegation that has already been disproved, so that the debate is back to where it started
  4. Or simply state, “I don’t relate to that.”

The conclusion:  It is emotions and pre-conceived notions that matter to the Liberal. It is not facts or principles or morality or even previous experience. (For example, if a government program is a failure, or even a disaster, the liberal will not admit failure, but will say it was underfunded, and  will then advocate for expansion and greater funding.)

Further, considering the scientific or anatomical aspect, there is something missing with these people. They are a simply a few bricks short of a full load; and their elevators just don’t go to the top floor. It is neurological. Some of the synapses are missing.





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