Land of the Free, Home of the Brave



The United States is in the hands of this Marxist, revolutionist, “Manchurian Candidate” who produced two clearly fraudulent birth certificates, an illegal social security number, and lost his license to practice law, … and will produce no documents regarding his place of origin, his school records, or any other information that should be known about anyone who serves in a sensitive position, let alone occupying the White House and acting as commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world.

This stoner, Marxist kid now commands the US Military and sends our best and brightest to their deaths with his insane liberal Rules of Engagement.

Are the American people really so stupid as to accept and support this criminality, or are they denying obvious truths and hiding their heads in the sand, afraid to face reality?

Worse yet, do they have a  death wish because they know how sinful this nation has become, now legalizing various perversions, same sex marriage and the mass killing of the unborn. A great chastisement is surely imminent.

There are millions of good people in this country. They must come forward with courage, NOW, and take back this great republic — this One Nation under God. —  Dr. John Grady






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